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Apex Legends recently released its 16th legend, and the 10th new legend not counting the 6 that shipped with the base game. Fuse exploded onto the Apex Games and has since made a name for himself as one of the most powerful and useful legends in all of Apex Legends.

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Most champions in Apex Legends are useful in their own right, there truly isn’t a single legend that outshines the rest, or one that underperforms so severely players never encounter them. However, some legends are very situational while others are useful no matter the progression of the game or team composition.

13 Situational: Crypto, Rampart, Wattson, Caustic

Crypto, Rampart, Wattson, and Caustic are the most situational legends available. Crypto is very similar to Bloodhound, although his scanner requires the use of a player-controlled drone. Rampart and Wattson are only useful when playing on the defensive, while Caustic can be useful for tight situations and enclosed spaces.

Choose Rampart or Wattson if your team plans to hold out and wait for the final ring. Choose Crypto if the team has no Bloodhound and you don’t mind leaving your body to survey the area. Choose Caustic if the team will dedicate most of the game to indoor or enclosed areas.

12 Tier 4: Octane

Octane is a unique legend, one that players either excel at or utterly fail at. He can traverse large distances with his tactical and scale buildings with his Jump Pad, but unless the player is totally focused and has a constant 60 frames-per-second, he’s hard to master.

Choose Octane to dance around enemies as they try to shoot down the fastest legend in the game (keyword: try).

11 Tier 4: Revenant

Revenant is perhaps the scariest looking legend in Apex Legends, even with his basic skin. His tactical Silence ability shuts down entire squads if aimed correctly, and his Death Totem can allow the team to blitz the enemy without fear of death.

Revenant requires the player to keep a constant watch on enemies and know when their abilities are up to effectively use Silence. His Death Totem is incredibly useful, but teammates often forget it’s there and ignore it.

10 Tier 4: Bangalore

Bangalore is a legend included with the base game who specializes in field combat tactics. Her tactical Smoke Screen can be useful in getting out of a fight, whereas her ultimate is excellent at walling off an area from enemies for a short time.

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Bangalore’s main strength is in her passive, which increases her speed when damaged. Ultimately, though, other legends have more useful tactical abilities and similar bombardment-style ultimates.

9 Tier 3: Pathfinder

Pathfinder is a legend who was once one of the flat-out worst legends, before an update to his tactical that gave it a distance-based cooldown. Now, Pathfinder excels at getting to high heights with his Grapple, getting the team to out-of-reach locations with his ultimate Zipline, and tracking the progression of the ring.

Pathfinder has no major strengths in combat, but his mobility can get the player into hard-to-reach spots that enemies might not expect.

8 Tier 3: Mirage

Mirage is a support-combat hybrid legend, whose tactical and ultimate abilities create copies of himself to confuse (ahem, bamboozle) enemies. His passive is one of the most useful in the game, as it turns him invisible while reviving or respawning teammates.

Mirage is an excellent legend for tactically out-smarting enemies, and he’s got some of the funniest quips of any champion.

7 Tier 3: Loba

Loba is a support hero who makes the initial gearing-up part of the game incredibly efficient. Her ultimate, Black Market, allows teammates (and enemies) to choose two items sourced from the nearby area, while her tactical teleports her a short distance with her bracelet.

Loba can see epic and legendary loot through walls, too, so choose her if your team has good communication to save time on worthless areas.

6 Tier 2: Horizon

Horizon is the second most recent addition to Apex Legends and brought along with her a new map, the sky-city Olympus. Horizon has a useful tactical that lifts teammates to new heights, but she really shines in having the best ultimate ability in the game.

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Her Black Hole pulls enemies into the center of the blast for a few seconds, lining them up for easy shots, grenades, and simultaneous ultimates. It’s one of the most versatile abilities and can change the tide of a fight in an instant.

5 Tier 2: Bloodhound

Bloodhound is in just about every way an upgraded version of Crypto, even though Crypto is unlockable and Bloodhound comes with the base game. Bloodhound’s tactical ability scans the nearby area for enemies and highlights them for teammates, while their ultimate improves their stats.

Bloodhound is an extremely useful legend to have on the team because they play the information game more than shooting. Bloodhound can tell the team whether it’s a good idea to charge an enemy, or if there’s another squad waiting to ambush.

4 Tier 2: Fuse

Fuse is the most recent legend added to the game, and certainly the crudest. Fuse is solely focused on assault, damage, and combat; his tactical Knuckle Cluster is a powerful barrage of explosions, The Motherlode traps enemies and deals massive damage, and his passive Grenadier lets him pick up twice the normal amount of grenades.

Fuse is making an impact in Apex Legends as a legend that might be too powerful upon release. While there haven’t been any nerfs yet, they’re surely on the way for the Australian loudmouth.

3 Tier 1: Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a Tier 1 legend for his unparalleled defensive abilities and his unmatched ability to control the flow of battle. Gibraltar’s passive creates a Gun Shield while aiming down sights, while his tactical Dome of Protection lays down an impenetrable dome that deflects gunfire, grenades, and even ultimate abilities.

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Gibraltar’s main downside is his large hitbox, which is counteracted by the Gun Shield when charged. Ultimately, Gibby is a first-pick for players new and old alike.

2 Tier 1: Wraith

Wraith is a somewhat infamous legend in Apex Legends for her unparalleled ability to split any 3-player squad into a 2-man-squad with a solitary player somewhere else. All jokes aside, though, Wraith is able to jump in and out of combat with her tactical Into The Void, and she can easily get teammates out of tough situations with her Dimensional Rift ultimate.

Her passive Voices Of The Void tells the player when they are in danger, and her smaller hitbox makes it all the more difficult to down this enigmatic legend.

1 Tier 1: Lifeline

Lifeline is a support legend, and she is a must-have for any team composition. Her tactical DOC Healing Drone gets teammates back to a good health level for another assault, while her passive lets her revive teammates without stopping the fight. Her passive also protects the fallen teammate from damage with a small shield while being revived.

If that wasn’t enough, her ultimate calls down a Lifeline Package, a care package with some restrictions: no golden weapons, and a minimum loot tier of epic. As long as Lifeline gets as many Ultimate Cooldowns as possible, this ultimate can keep the party going even with lackluster items. Her ability to singlehandedly support the team is unrivaled among other legends.

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