Among Us: 10 Pro Tips For Playing On The New Airship Map

Initially released in 2018, the indie multiplayer title Among Us reached newfound popularity in 2020. Its simplistic art style and tense asymmetrical gameplay made the game a blast for play with friends and online. Initially planning a sequel, developers Innersloth shifted focus to expanding solely on the original game due to its spike in popularity.

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In March of 2021, the game’s latest map, the Airship, has given fans of the game a lot to play around with. As the game’s largest map to date, the Airship adds plenty of all-new tasks, rooms, ways to navigate, and much more. Once fans familiarize themselves with this new layout, it is sure to become a staple of the game.

10 Understand How Huge The Map Is

To put it simply, the new Airship map in Among Us is the largest map in the game by far. Unlike previous maps, the Airship may take even veteran players some getting used to. With long corridors and enormous rooms with multiple platforms, it may take quite a while for crewmates to get from one task to the next.

Imposters may find this new size both a blessing and a curse. Depending on any given player’s party size, they may more easily kill players without getting caught. However, if the party size is too small, imposters may have a hard time simply finding anyone to kill in the first place.

9 Master The Airship’s New Tasks

While many of the classic tasks that players have come to know and love are present in the Airship, there are also tons of new tasks here to freshen the game up. Among other things, crewmates may find themselves unlocking safes, rewinding videotapes, unclogging toilets, developing photos, making burgers, and fixing showers.

Like most tasks in Among Us, these new tasks aren’t too complicated. They should provide players with plenty to do while they narrow down the imposter.

8 Pay Extra Close Attention To Vents

Vents have been one of the most clever ways imposters can sneak around undetected throughout Among Us. On the new Airship map, imposters are given a lot more to play around with.

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There are four “clumps” of vents throughout the map. One links the Cargo Bay, Showers, and Records, while another links the Vault, Cockpit, and Viewing Deck. One cluster connects the Engine Room, Kitchen, and Main Hall, and the last one connects the two sides of the Gap Room with the Main Hall. Crewmates should watch out – this may be the imposter’s best advantage.

7 Exercise Caution In Electrical

Among Us developer Marcus Bromander said on Twitter that the Airship’s Electrical “might be scarier than Skeld”, and he very well may be right. The Electrical room on the Airship might be a nightmare for players to navigate, consisting of many small rooms with randomly opening doors.

Imposters may also be able to sabotage the lights. This makes it even more difficult for crewmates to find their way around, while imposters can use it to their advantage. Players looking to survive may want to stay far away from Electrical, though their tasks may make their entry into this maze unavoidable.

6 Select Starting Rooms Strategically

Unlike most other maps in Among Us, the sheer size of the Airship allows players to start in one of three locations. After completing an emergency meeting, players will be able to select between three rooms where they’ll like to continue.

The rooms players can start in are Records, Engine Room, and Main Hall. Players can strategically use this to spawn in a room closest to their next objective, helping crewmates complete tasks faster.

5 Use Ladders and Platforms To Navigate Multiple Levels

Previous maps for Among Us have just featured one floor that all players share. Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case for the Airship. The new map for Among Us now features multiple levels, forcing players to use ladders scattered throughout the map to traverse the Airship.

Players can also use floating platforms scattered throughout the map as shortcuts between rooms. This larger map size may prove advantageous for crewmates looking to avoid the imposter; smaller parties may go entire sessions without running into another player.

4 Security Is More Important Than Ever

Most players are well aware that they can view specific rooms using the security cameras in the Security room. However, since the Airship map is so big, the security ability is likely more useful here than ever before.

Here, players will be able to view the left entrance to the Engine Room, the right entrance to the Vault, the left entrance to Records, the left entrance to Security, the left entrance to Cargo Bay, and the left side of the Meeting Room. Both crewmates and imposters can use this to discover the locations of players on this insanely large map.

3 Know How To Navigate The Gap Room

The Gap Room in the Airship map is huge, and essential to any player’s traversal of the Airship. The Gap Room uses both of the aforementioned ladders and moving platforms, though players may also want to know easier ways to navigate the room.

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The left side leads from the Brig and also contains a ladder leading to the Meeting Room. On the right players can find themselves wandering into Records. There are also vents on either side of the room, meaning that imposters can cross the gap with ease, provided that there’s no one watching.

2 Don’t Go The Wrong Way In Ventilation

Ventilation initially seems very similar to the Gap Room, though there is one key difference. Unlike the Gap Room, there is no way to cross the gap in Ventilation.

The left side of the room can be accessed through the showers, while the right can be accessed through Cargo Bay. There’s only one task in Ventilation, so players may want to remember which side of the room leads to where. Otherwise, they’ll have to painfully backtrack in order to reach their destination, and risk getting killed along the way.

1 Sabotages Are A Brilliant Strategy For Imposters

One of the imposter’s biggest advantages in Among Us is the use of sabotages to either distract, isolate, or kill other players. Knowing what sabotages imposters have at their disposal will be helpful for both imposters and crewmates when going into the game’s newest map. Along with the usual lights, doors, and comms sabotage, imposters now have a brand new sabotage to play with.

Imposters can attempt to crash the Airship, meaning that crewmates must scramble to avert the crash course. This can be resolved in the Gap Room, where players on either side must enter a code that resets every ten seconds. If this sabotage isn’t resolved, the imposter automatically wins.

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