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Fans of Pokemon were delighted when generation two added breeding, eggs, and a new form of Pokemon — baby Pokemon. These adorable little creatures are Pokemon in their very earliest form and cannot be used to breed, naturally.

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More and more baby Pokemon have been added over the years, adding brand-new Pokemon lines as well as new stages of evolution for pre-existing Pokemon. There are now 19 different baby Pokemon in total, and while it’s understandable that these babies are rather cute as a prerequisite, which are the most adorable?

19 Magby Of The Magmar Evolution Line

Magby was one of the very first baby Pokemon introduced in generation two, adding a pre-evolved form to Magmar. Considering that Magmar isn’t one of the cutest Pokemon, it’s not hard to see why the design team struggled to make its baby form cute either, and it’s hard to overlook its strange, bulbous head. This Fire-type Pokemon evolves into Magmar starting at level 30.

18 Tyrogue Of The Hitmon Evolution Line

Tyrogue was one of the initial baby Pokemon added in generation two, not only adding a pre-evolutionary form to the pre-existing Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan but also for Hitmontop, which also debuted in generation two. This Fighting-type Pokemon evolves at level 20, becoming Hitmonlee if its attack is higher than its defense, Hitmonchan if its defense is higher than its attack, or Hitmontop if both of its attack and defense stats are the same.

17 Smoochum Of The Jynx Evolution Line

Smoochum was added in generation two as the pre-evolved form of Jynx. This Ice/Psychic-type Pokemon always seemed like an odd choice to include as one of the few to receive a baby form, as Jynx is one of the least favorite Pokemon due to controversy over its design. Perhaps the addition of its baby form was to redeem this evolutionary line somewhat. Smoochum evolves into Jynx at level 30.

16 Toxel of the Toxtricity Evolution Line

Toxel is the most recent baby Pokemon to be added to the series, with it debuting in generation eight with the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield. It is currently the only baby Pokemon to have not yet featured in the Pokemon anime series.

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This Electric/Poison-type Pokémon evolves into Toxtricity starting at level 30, though it has two different forms — Amped or Low Key — and its nature decides which form it evolves into.

15 Chingling Of The Chimecho Evolution Line

Chingling debuted in generation four and is designed to be a rather cute little bell Pokemon, serving as the pre-evolved form of Chimecho. They are best known from the Pokemon anime as being Francesa’s trio of Pokemon in the episode “The Bells Are Singing!”. Chingling evolves when leveled with high friendship during the nighttime.

14 Elekid Of The Electabuzz Evolution Line

As Electabuzz is the counterpart of Magmar, it’s not surprising that both of these Pokemon received a baby form at the same time. However, Elekid is a much more successful attempt at a baby Pokemon design, incorporating a cute electrical plug element to its head while still keeping the visual style of its later evolutions. This Electric-type Pokemon evolves starting at level 30.

13 Happiny Of The Chansey Evolution Line

Happiny was added in generation four, adding an adorable pre-evolution to Chansey. One of the most adorable things about this Pokemon is that it likes to mimic Chansey (and its final evolution of Blissey) by carrying an egg-shaped stone in its pouch, as it is too young to produce its own eggs. This Normal-type evolves when leveled up while holding an Oval Stone during the day.

12 Bonsly Of The Sudowoodo Evolution Line

Bonsly is a Rock-type Pokemon that was added in generation four and is the pre-evolved form of Sudowoodo. It takes on the appearance of an adorable little potted bonsai-type tree.

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Bonsly evolves into Sudowoodo when it is leveled up when it knows the “Mimic” move. It is best known for being one of Brock’s Pokemon in the anime.

11 Mime Jr. Of The Mr. Mime Evolution Line

Mime Jr. can be a bit of a divisive baby Pokemon design as many fans dislike clowns, but whether that’s the case or not, it’s hard to deny that Mime Jr. is much more appealing than its evolved form of Mr. Mime. Initially, Mime Jr. was classed as a Psychic-type but became a Psychic/Fairy-type from generation six onwards. It evolves when leveled up while knowing the move “Mimic”.

10 Igglybuff Of The Jigglypuff Evolution Line

Though it was originally classed a Normal-type, Igglybuff along with its later evolutions are now Fairy-type Pokemon. Igglybuff is the baby form of Jigglypuff, and it evolves when leveled up with high friendship. The strangest thing about this Pokemon is that it has kind of unsettling red eyes instead of the cuter blue eyes attributed to Jigglypuff.

9 Budew Of The Roselia Evolution Line

Budew is a Grass/Poison-type Pokemon that debuted in generation four as a baby form to Roselia, who received an additional evolutionary form of Roserade in generation four also. Budew evolves into Roselia when leveled up with high friendship during the day. Like most of the baby Pokemon, Budew had a major role in the anime as Nando’s Pokemon, as well as several minor appearances.

8 Wynaut Of The Wobbuffet Evolution Line

Wynaut is a Psychic-type Pokémon that was added in generation three, adding a pre-evolution to Wobbuffet that had debuted in the previous generation. This baby Pokémon is pretty adorable with its little pompadour-style head.

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It evolves into Wobbuffett starting at level 15. Wynaut featured in the Blackthorn City arc in the Pokemon anime.

7 Mantyke Of The Mantine Evolution Line

Mantyke is a Water/Flying-type Pokemon that was added in generation four, and it evolves into Mantine when leveled up with a Remoraid in the same party. It’s a super cute little manta ray Pokemon that always seems to look so happy. It uses the small antenna on its head to sense ocean currents and is known to be easy to tame due to its friendly nature.

6 Togepi Of The Togetic Evolution Line

Togepi is arguably the mascot of the baby Pokemon and is best known for being one of Misty’s Pokemon in the anime. Like other Pokemon, it was originally a Normal-type Pokemon, and then later changed to Fairy when it was added as a new type. Out of all the baby Pokemon introduced in generation two, it was the only brand-new evolutionary line, as all of the others had pre-existing evolutions. Togepi evolves into Togetic when leveled up with high friendship.

5 Azurill Of The Marill Evolution Line

Yet another Normal-turned-Fairy Pokemon, Azurill was added in generation three to serve as a baby form to Marill’s evolutionary chain. Azurill was actually one of the first generation three Pokemon to be revealed. It evolves into Marill when leveled up with high friendship. This super cute blue mouse Pokemon is often seen bouncing on its tail.

4 Munchlax Of The Snorlax Evolution Line

There’s something undeniably cute about seeing an adorable, smaller version of a Pokemon that’s known to be a lot larger. Munchlax is a Normal-type that was added in generation four and is the pre-evolved form of fan-favorite Snorlax.

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Munchlax evolves when leveled up with high friendship. It was the very first generation four Pokemon to be revealed publicly.

3 Cleffa Of The Clefairy Evolution Line

Clefairy and Jigglypuff are often paired together due to their similar appearances and typings, so it’s unsurprising that both evolutionary lines received baby Pokemon at the same time. Cleffa is a Normal-turned-Fairy-type and is the absolutely adorable pre-evolution of Clefairy. It evolves when leveled up with high friendship.

2 Riolu Of The Lucario Evolution Line

Riolu is one of the fan-favorite baby Pokémon, not only because it is the pre-evolution of the popular Lucario, but also because it is such a sweet-looking little Pokemon with floppy puppy ears. This Fighting-type Pokemon evolves when it is leveled up with high friendship during the day. Riolu is one of the baby Pokemon that Ash, himself, has in the anime.

1 Pichu Of The Pikachu Evolution Line

Pichu was one of the first baby Pokemon added in generation two and it immediately won the hearts of fans as it accomplished the seemingly impossible — making an even cuter version of Pikachu. Naturally, Pichu is an Electric-type Pokemon and evolves when leveled up with high friendship. Pichu is also another baby Pokemon that Ash had in the anime.

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