Activision May Change The Way That Console Fans View Streaming

Earlier this week, Activision was granted a patent for a “system and method for creating and streaming augmented game sessions” which could change game streaming drastically. The project would allow players to stream directly from their console without using third-party software.

So far, streaming from a console requires players to access a streaming app like Twitch¬†on their console while using a second device to check the stream’s chat section or fix any other detail of the stream. The reason why streamers require another device to monitor their sessions is that consoles tend to have lower memory and processing capacity than a PC, making it hard to incorporate the several widgets that are needed for streaming.

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However, Activision‘s patent could simplify the process of streaming through a console. This would be done by incorporating various components which would include a communication module, an augmentation module, a vector-processing module, and a streaming module. These modules could, for example, generate another instance of a world so that the player can interact with simulated elements.

Additionally, the modules can prefetch portions of a view to the console’s cache in order to avoid lagging. Other modules could allow streamers to manipulate footage of a previous session, which could help them analyze it. Activision’s project could greatly improve console streaming as it would get rid of the need to use a second device and additional software to incorporate widgets that are commonly used for streaming.

Before Activision’s patent, PC players seemed to have an advantage when it came to streaming since the computer could run both the game and the streaming software on the same device. Many streamers would opt to use tools like Streamlabs OBS where they could set up a layout with different widgets that could include the game screen as well as the camera and other features like a pop-up animation for new followers. At the same time, the software connects to platforms such as Twitch to stream live, shares the content on other social media sites, and allows the streamer to change the audio configuration among other things.

For console players, Activision’s initiative could be a game-changer with the capacity to level up the field when it comes to streaming. However, this might not be enough to interest the audience in purchasing a console, as the cost of playing on a console is considerably higher than PC gaming. Furthermore, most of the newest titles in consoles are also available for PC, and streaming is already accessible from a computer which is why many would think twice before changing to console gaming.

On the other hand, newer consoles provide excellent graphics and tend to be easier to use than computers. Even though many titles are available for both PC and consoles, there are still some which are only available for consoles and now, thanks to Activision‘s project, we might be able to take a look at streams of those titles.

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Source: USPTO