Ace Attorney Is Getting An Online Orchestrated Concert

Despite no new Ace Attorney games releasing in the west over the past five years and countless rumors swirling about a special collection, the series remains incredibly popular in its home country of Japan. So much so, in fact, that a special online concert will be taking place next month in order to celebrate and share some of the fantastic music from the long running adventure game franchise.

Some of the most iconic pieces from the games will be performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, who are no strangers to video game concerts having performed music from the Final Fantasy series on numerous occasions in the past. The Japanese voice actor for Miles and Reiji will be serving as the MC and there’ll also be a few other popular Japanese voice actors attending the event as well.

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Although it may well be the largest, the concert won’t actually be the first time that music from the Ace Attorney series will be played in concert, with many similar performances having taken place in Japan since 2010. Unlike on previous occasions, however, those in attendance will this time be watching from the comfort of their own homes rather than the concert hall itself due to the ongoing pandemic, giving people around the world a chance to check out the performance and view the synchronized footage from the Ace Attorney games throughout.


However, the difference in time zones may prove to be problematic for those viewing the concert from outside of Japan. It’s scheduled to begin at 7PM JST on April 10th, which, for those running on Pacific Time, works out to be 2AM. Thankfully, anybody who buys a ticket which comes out to be around $42, will be able to watch the performance on demand as many times as they like throughout the following week.

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