505 Games Acquires Ghostrunner IP from Publishing Partner All In Games

Ghostrunner was a surprise critical hit and considered one of the underrated gems of 2020. Now publisher 505 Games is growing its portfolio and acquiring the ninja cyberpunk franchise.

Publishers All In Games and 505 Games worked together on the very well-received Ghostrunner. All In Games will continue to receive a share of the profits for 2020’s Ghostrunner, but 505 Games has now taken full control of the IP by purchasing it outright.

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The acquisition itself costs €5 million. According to All In Games CEO Piotr Zygadło, 505 Games wanted to purchase the Ghostrunner franchise before the game launched, but the offers that were put forth at that time were not yet what All In Games was willing to accept. However, because Ghostrunner has been so successful, 505 Games submitted its €5 million offer, and that was something that was too good to refuse.

For 505 Games, Ghostrunner is an excellent addition to its ever-growing catalog. Ghostrunner has the opportunity to thrive under 505 Games’ guidance, as the cyberpunk ninja platforming gameplay took off last year, and more games in the franchise will likely see additional love from fans. 505 Games continues to purchase games, IP, and developers, as recently 505 Games purchased Puzzle Quest developer Infinity Plus Two.

From All In Games’ perspective, the €5 million it took in for the deal will certainly help. According to Zygadło, the publisher has 20 games set to release this year alone (like Chernobylite and War Mongrels) so allocating those resources towards development, support and marketing will only help those titles–and the publisher as a whole–moving forward.

Ghostrunner is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. Versions for PS5 and Xbox Series X are currently in development.

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Source: GamesIndustry.biz