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Battlefield 6 is set to be revealed this spring, and with the game launching during 2021’s Holiday season, its release is a lot closer than it seems. Still, with Battlefield fans having a few months to kill until the game is first shown publicly, going back to some of DICE’s past work could be a good way to prepare for Battlefield 6. Aside from getting the hang of certain mechanics that could be used in the next Battlefield, DICE has put out some solid games over the past several years that are worth experiencing.

Whether it is a recent release or a decade-old title, Battlefield fans and those simply looking for a good way to spend their time can enjoy themselves by playing a handful of DICE’s best games. From duking it out in early 20th century conflicts to clashing with online opponents in a galaxy far, far away, fans of the first-person shooter genre have several solid options on their hands. While none provide the massive player count that Battlefield 6 will supposedly have, and a few are no longer up to today’s standard in terms of their graphics, all are worth the time of new and returning players alike.

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While DICE’s recent attempt at covering World War 2 was controversial, as Battlefield 5 failed to find the same level of success as other games in the company’s flagship series, 2016’s Battlefield 1 proved that the series could work in more unique time periods. With a war largely untouched by the medium of video games, DICE was able to let their creativity shine, and the result was an excellent entry in the Battlefield series that still holds up years after release.

There is a lot to love about Battlefield 1, ranging from the unique weaponry to a fun uses of horses as “vehicles.” The Operations mode was particularly run, with unforgettable moments like the arrival and destruction of a Zeppelin making the World War 1 shooter’s multiplayer stand out from previous entries in the series. Battlefield 1 offered a solid campaign offering, too, as it was the first game to introduce players to the War Stories. Essentially short stories that told unique tales from across The Great War, ranging from a cocky fighter pilot to a stressed-out tank crew, these small collections of missions stuck with players after they were complete. Highlighting the horrors of World War 1 while simultaneously showing respect for those who served, Battlefield 1 was one of the rare occasions where a Battlefield campaign was just as strong as the multiplayer.

Speaking of quality campaigns, the Battlefield: Bad Company spinoffs join Battlefield 1 as having some of the only standout story modes of the franchise. While the first Bad Company game leaned into large-scale gameplay, giving players freedom in how they completed their story missions, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 improved this experience by focusing on something that worked surprisingly well in the first game: the cast of characters. From the nerdy but lovable Sweetwater to the explosives-loving redneck named Haggard, players cared about the collection of dysfunctional soldiers far more than they may have expected to — something that has led to several requests for Battlefield: Bad Company remasters over the years.

While the refusal to remaster the games or make a Bad Company 3 has frustrated many fans of the series, the good news is that the games hold up surprisingly well. Provided players can find a populated multiplayer match, the Rush game mode shines in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, as the smaller maps serve the infantry-focused mode well. With recent Battlefield games lacking in terms of their Rush offerings, going back to the mode at its peak could lead to an incredibly fun time. Beyond that, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 boasts the excellent Vietnam expansion, providing fresh maps, character designs, and weapons fitting of the violent war.

By far the most unique game on this list, Mirror’s Edge is not actually a first-person shooter. Further, the game is entirely singleplayer, as it focuses on players controlling protagonist Faith while she makes her way through a futuristic city. In the world of Mirror’s Edge, everyone is under supervision and everything is coated in shades of white to create a state of normalcy, with Faith being a runner that delivers secret packages across the city. Telling an interesting story of crime in a crimeless world, Mirror’s Edge is a game worth experiencing for fans of DICE’s work.

While 2016’s Mirror’s Edge Catalyst proved to be a disappointing and forgettable follow-up, the 2008 original was anything but. Offering incredibly fun platforming that discourages fighting and prioritizes smooth, speedy movement, players can get around each area at wildly fast speeds. Ziplines, wallrunning, pipe-climbing, and other features help to this process even more entertaining, ensuring that Mirror’s Edge players have a good time until they roll credits. With graphics that still hold up incredibly well despite the game being over a decade old, Mirror’s Edge is a perfect fit for anyone that is looking to play something a bit different.

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The next DICE game takes players to the Star Wars universe, with none other than the once-panned Star Wars Battlefront 2 being a must-play shooter in 2021. While the game launched in a rough state, lacking content and boasting some of the most controversial microtransactions in the history of video games, the game has made an incredible turnaround in recent years. Not only were the microtransactions done away with, but plenty of post-launch content came too, bringing new life to the game.

Content was added that pulled from all periods of Star Wars, allowing players to fill the role of General Grievous or Rey Skywalker. Several special cosmetics were added that gave players a reason to grind and keep playing, while new map additions changed things up as time went on. A free expansion for the campaign provided real closure for its characters, while an emphasis on fun saw absurd game modes like Ewok Hunt bringing Star Wars fans back to the game. Though it lacks Battlefield’s destruction and a proper stat-tracking system like Battlelog, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is truly deserving of a second chance.

If DICE fans return or try one game on this list, though, it needs to be Battlefield 3. The supposed inspiration for Battlefield 6, this modern Battlefield game seemed to do everything right — with many seeing the game as the peak of the franchise and DICE’s entire catalog of games. Boasting an extensive lineup of weapons, a great collection of DLC, and a version of Rush that was just as strong as the Bad Company versions of the mode, it is hard not to be excited about Battlefield 6 using this game as an example.

Boasting good destruction mechanics, great visuals for its time, and clever map design that has yet to be matched by newer Battlefield games, Battlefield 3 delivers on all fronts. With a fair number of people still playing to this day, DICE clearly did something right with Battlefield 3, and players can only hope that the next game in the series evokes the same feelings in its fans. With rumors like fully destructible cities and a World War 3 setting accompanying, Battlefield 6 seems poised to deliver — and if players want to get as close as they can to the 2021 experience, 2011’s Battlefield 3 is the best game to play.

Battlefield 6 is in development.

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