10 Unresolved Mysteries & Plot Holes Left Hanging In Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 is the perfect ending to the massively successful and incredibly well-made series it’s is. The Dark Souls trilogy is widely considered by many to be one of the best video games of all time and that praise unreservedly holds merit. The series is praised for its unforgiving, yet rewarding gameplay and its worldbuilding aspect.

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The story of Dark Souls 3 is told in a very subtle way. Even the most observant and knowledgeable lore-diggers of Dark Souls 3 know that there is a ton of information about the game that has been left unanswered purposefully to spark discussions. While many of the questions can be answered with assumptions, concrete ultimate proofs are still scarce.

10 The Creation Of Crossbreeds

Crossbreeds are a group of characters that were introduced in the first Dark Souls game and made their way through Dark Souls 3. The very obvious one is Crossbreed Priscella. In Dark Souls 3, the players are introduced to another crossbreed: Ocelotte.

Ocelotte is the son of King Oceiros. His father endearingly calls him the “child of dragons.” It is unclear what the nature of these crossbreeds is, or how they are conceived in the first place. Priscella is said to be the offspring of Seath the Scaleless. Whether the crossbreed creatures are born of magic or biological reproduction is unknown.

9 Why The Nameless King Sided With The Dragons

The Nameless King is a character and an optional boss that players will get the chance to fight in the game. Although said to have been a former “god of war” known for slaying dragons, it is unknown why the Nameless King chose to side with the dragons eventually.

It is widely believed that the Nameless King is the firstborn son of Gwyn. If this is true, then it would make the Nameless King’s allegiance to the dragons even more mysterious as his father rose to power by defeating them.

8 Why Lorian Dies When Lothric Dies

Elder Prince Lorian and Younger Prince Lothric are the princes of Lothric. The Elder Prince, Lorian, was a formidable knight. Prince Lothric, on the other hand, was frail and small.

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At one point in time, the responsibility of Lord of Cinder fell upon the brothers. It was then Lorian and Lothric’s burden became tied, which apparently placed a curse on them. For whatever reason, this tied Lorian’s life to Lothric, but not the other way around.

7 Lothric’s Lord Of Cinder Title

According to the description of the Soul of the Twin Princes, the two princes shared the responsibility of Lords of Cinder. However, the throne in Firelink Shrine only acknowledges Lothric as the Lord of Cinder, who is apparently the last hope of his line.

Another interesting fact about Lothric is that he never actually linked the fire, thus he never fulfilled his role as a Lord of Cinder, yet the game acknowledges him as such. Is the title of Lord of Cinder simply an assignment instead of something that’s earned once the linking is performed?

6 The Lords Of Cinder Roster

Counting the Ashen One and the Soul of Cinder, there are a total of seven Lords of Cinder in Dark Souls 3. In order to gain access to the Kiln of the First Flame, the Ashen One must gather the five Lords of Cinder to return them to their thrones.

These lords consist of the Abyss Watchers, Yhorm the Giant, Aldrich, Lothric, and Ludleth. With that in mind, why these five Lords of Cinder specifically? It is known that since Gwyn, the First Lord of Cinder, many have followed to link the First Flame. Prior to the events of the game, three of these lords rose from their graves, not alive available to be summoned. Whether this was by chance or fate is unknown, as well as why it has to be the five of them exactly.

5 Why Gwyn Isn’t Resurrected

When the need for the Lords of Cinder arose, it is presumed that Lothric and Ludleth were already alive instead of being resurrected like Aldrich, Yhorm, and the Abyss Watchers. One Lord of Cinder who could have been awoken is Gwyn.

Gwyn is an incredibly powerful Lord of Cinder, if not one of the most powerful. His power would have been sufficient for the game’s objective. Were the ones who were resurrected the most recent Lords of Cinder? It can’t also be said that his death at the end of the first Dark Souls is the reason for his absence because many NPCs in that game who the Chosen One kills makes a return in Dark Souls 3.

4 Who The Furtive Pygmy Is

The Furtive Pygmy is one of the original Lords in Dark Souls. It was the Furtive Pygmy who claimed the Dark Soul, which he used and fragmented to create the human race. This character is extremely central in the world of this game, perhaps even more central than Gwyn, yet he is the only original Lord who has not made an appearance in the game.

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Much of the Furtive Pygmy’s life is unknown. It is believed that he was once the ruler of the Ringed City, a kingdom that belongs to the humans, but that is unclear as well.

3 The Story Of The Painter

The Painter is an NPC the players will meet in the game’s DLC. It appears that this character is the one who created the Painted World of Ariandel, which also allows access to The Ringed City.

This character’s lineage, or why she is able to create such a world is unknown. What is known is that painted worlds as supposed to be miniature versions of the world’s cycle of fire and dark, but how a painter is able to manifest that into being is up to interpretation.

2 The Timeline Of The Ringed City

The Ringed City is a place the player will be able to visit in Dark Souls 3. It’s a very enigmatic place filled with equally enigmatic characters. It also seems like this world is very far-removed from every other area in the game, almost as if it’s set in a different timeline or universe.

The true nature of The Ringed City is very obscure. It is implied that when the players visit Fillianore’s Rest, it is supposedly the future of the world where the Flame has faded, yet the sky is still illuminated by the same sun that’s present throughout the other areas of Dark Souls 3. 

1 The Nature Of The Fire Keepers

The Fire Keepers are the loyal guardians of bonfires, tending to them to make sure they burn true. There are a number of Fire Keepers all throughout the series, and two of them are in Dark Souls 3.

How one becomes a Fire Keeper and the nature of their true power is one of the many mysteries in the game. What’s true and known about them is that they are all females who suffer a disability of some kind.

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