10 Underrated Grass Pokemon (That Are Actually Very Strong)

The Grass-type is one of the most common in the Pokemon franchise. It is also one of the potential starter types that many trainers will take to begin their journey. As one might expect, Grass Pokemon take much of their inspiration from plants and use vines, leaves, and even the power of the sun to their advantage.

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Not many Grass-types show up in the competitive scene, however, due to their major weaknesses against strong types like Fire and Flying. Still, some trainers may be sleeping on some powerful Pokemon with this type that actually have a lot going for them!

10 Lilligant

While this Pokemon may look harmless at first, it actually packs a solid 110 base Special Attack stat. Lilligant is capable of tearing through unassuming opponents with Leaf Storm and Petal Dance. Its Own Tempo ability allows it to use the latter without getting confused. Alternatively, it can use Chlorophyll to double its base 90 Speed stat in the sun.

Lilligant has a decent set of status moves, too, like Quiver Dance, Entrainment, and Sleep Powder. In the right settings, Lilligant can be a powerful sweeper or a helpful support Pokemon.

9 Decidueye

The Grass starter from the seventh generation has a decent stat spread, but Decidueye’s main draw comes from its hidden ability. Long Reach allows moves that would make contact to bypass harmful effects like Iron Barbs and the Rocky Helmet item. Some of Decidueye’s most powerful moves, including Leaf Blade and Brave Bird, benefit greatly from this ability.

Decidueye also gains access to the devastating Poltergeist move from the tutor in the Isle of Armor DLC. Tack Swords Dance onto this bird, and it quickly becomes a potent physical threat.

8 Roserade

Much like Lilligant, Roserade carries a hefty Special Attack stat and a good base 90 Speed stat. Its secondary Poison-type gives it access to threatening moves like Toxic Spikes and Sludge Bomb.

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Roserade can also learn Weather Ball, which gives it a powerful Water, Fire, Ice, or Rock move depending on the weather. This option gives this Pokemon a bit more versatility and unpredictability. Seeing one on a Rain Dance or Sandstorm team may just drop the opponent’s guard enough to give trainers the edge they need.

7 Exeggutor

While this sentient coconut tree isn’t able to keep pace with the likes of Regieleki or Ninjask, Exeggutor proves itself capable with its bulk and impressive offensive stats. Exeggutor does exceptionally well under sunlight, as both of its abilities rely on it. Chlorophyll gives it the boost it needs to hit fast and hard in battle, and Harvest allows Exeggutor to regain a held Berry it has eaten.

With Harvest, players can boost Exeggutor’s longevity with Sitrus Berries or other health-restoring berries. Its Alolan variant gains access to powerful moves, as well, like Draco Meteor and Dragon Hammer.

6 Dhelmise

This haunted anchor is no joke. With a base 131 Attack stat, expect Dhelmise’s Power Whip and Phantom Force to barrel through opponents. Although it is a Grass and Ghost-type Pokemon, its ability Steelworker gives a boost to its Steel-type attacks, as well.

Thanks to the Isle of Armor DLC, this means the mighty Steamroller move dishes out serious damage. If no terrain is available, Dhelmise can always Dynamax to unleash Max Steelspike, which also raises its already hefty Defense.

5 Tsareena

Tsareena is a female-exclusive Pokemon that uses its slender boot-like legs to pulverize those who get in her way. As expected, she gains a slew of kicking-related attacks, the most powerful of which include Mega Kick and High Jump Kick.

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One of its abilities, Queenly Majesty, also prevents the use of priority moves against Tsareena, as well as any allies on the field in Double battles. This is especially useful against opponents who like to use moves like Fake Out and Sucker Punch. If they slip up, they may just find themselves under Tsareena’s boots.

4 Tangrowth

With a high HP stat and even higher Defense, Tangrowth shows itself as a veritable physical wall. It also maintains equally powerful physical and Special Attack stats, though it has a wider range of physical moves.

While Tangrowth’s low Special Defense may turn some people away from considering it, it also has a great ability in Regenerator. With it, Tangrowth can recover HP each time it switches out. Use this Pokemon to soak up physical hits, and throw a Power Whip in response to bring the hurt.

3 Whimsicott

Unlike the other Pokemon listed so far, Whimsicott’s stat spread isn’t too impressive offensively or defensively. It does carry a high Speed stat, but where it really shines is in its Prankster ability. With it, Whimsicott’s status moves gain a priority advantage.

This means Whimsicott can set up beneficial effects like Tailwind and hinder opponents with Taunt and Encore before anyone else gets a chance to react. In this way, Whimsicott makes out to be an invaluable support Pokemon, able to give its other teammates an edge in battle.

2 Venusaur

Typically, being a generalist doesn’t bode well for those in the competitive scene. With Venusaur, however, it works rather well. Its defenses, though slightly above average, pair nicely with its solid HP stat. Its base 80 Speed, too, gets amplified greatly under sunlight thanks to Chlorophyll.

Venusaur also gained a Gigantamax form in the Isle of Armor DLC, allowing it to use G-Max Vine Lash to deal continuous damage to non-Grass-type opponents. Charmander and Squirtle may have been more popular picks in their debut generation, but Bulbasaur’s final evolution still has serious battle potential.

1 Sceptile

Gen 3’s Grass starter has one of the highest base Speed stats of all starter Pokemon, sitting comfortably at 120. This gets amplified further with Sceptile’s hidden ability Unburden, which doubles its Speed after using its held item. If trainers were to use a Petaya Berry to boost its Special Attack in a pinch, for instance, it could come back strong and sweep the opponents before they could finish Sceptile off.

And because it can also learn Swords Dance, Sceptile is able to make use of its multitude of physical moves. It has many powerful options, such as Acrobatics, Drain Punch, and even Earthquake.

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