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Modding in video games is considered a niche hobby for many reasons. However, it’s genuinely one of the best ways to learn about how games work and replay them with a different perspective. This is why there’s a big modding community for games such as Grand Theft Auto.

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The open-world aspect, as well as the ability to do anything in GTA V, brings many things to the table when modifying games. Moreover, Grand Theft Auto V with mods can be an entirely different experience if players want it to. Let’s take a look at a few of the things that are only possible with mods.

Using mods during online play may result in a ban.

10 Use Authentic Cars

If there’s one reason why many people play Grand Theft Auto, it’s the cars. The game offers a wide range of automobiles in addition to airplanes, helicopters, boats, cycles, and other modes of transport. So it is fair to say that it offers a lot of vehicles, to begin with. However, many people want to use real-world counterparts of the vehicles present in the game. This is something only modding can achieve. Players can find many vehicle mod packs and experience real-world cars in the game. On top, there’s also a mod for speedometers and fuel, just for the people looking to make their GTA experience more authentic.

9 Authentic Roleplay

Grand Theft Auto V is the closest to a modern-day life experience in a virtual world than most other games. Not many offer such freedom and detail-oriented gameplay topped with amazing physics. Sadly, the whole world seems pretty much dead in GTA Online compared to its single-player experience, making roleplay a tedious task. This is why FiveM was created. It lets players be anyone and experience more from their GTA experience. FiveM is a server-based service that lets people connect to a different world. For example, if a player wants to have a realistic, walking dead-type zombie experience, they can join a good server and experience GTA unlike they have before.

8 Installing Custom Locations

In addition to teleporting to any area of the game, mods allow players to build or install custom maps to the Grand Theft Auto as well. These areas can range from custom jungles to airports and hidden locations.

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This kind of mod is best for people looking to create YouTube content and allow their audience to witness the unknown. Using custom locations, players can setup up their own scenarios and experience them very differently. Other than adding new areas, location mods also allow the changing of specific parts of the game.

7 Create Animated Sequences

Menyoo has to be one of the best mod menus for Grand Theft Auto V. This, and some other menus like it, allow players to script their own cutscenes. They can spawn entities into the world and animate them based on their needs. This is most helpful for players looking to create machinima content and build their own animated shorts. The mod allows players to go limitless and truly unlock the game for the rest of us. It can also be used in combination with the Rockstar Editor to record scripted scenarios from custom camera angles and filters.

6 Play As A Unique, Custom Character

While some games allow players to play as animals, it’s Grand Theft Auto V that gives the freedom to be many animals. However, with mods, players can take this even further. With native trainers, players can be any animal or any character. This is best for people who love to roleplay, as they can play around and create unique stories.

5 Shoot Animals And Cars From Guns

Some games have guns that shoot explosive rounds, and some have nukes. Grand Theft Auto V with mods takes it to a whole new level. There are mods that make guns shoot impossible forms of ammunition.

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While playing GTA, players can use weapons to shoot animals. And if that sounds crazy, there’s a mod that allows players to shoot huge automobiles at their targets. Others are known to shoot animals and other objects as well. This is one example that truly shows how mods can make a game so over the top and completely ridiculous.

4 Travel Out Of Bounds

Modding abilities in Grand Theft Auto can depict an out-of-bounds experience, quite literally. Players must already know that Grand Theft Auto V has many areas that are not visitable, like the police station or the office building. However, with mods, players can revisit every area in the game, even the never really available areas. Revisiting such areas can totally fulfill the need of a curious gamer, as they will be able to explore what wasn’t really meant to be explored.

3 Get Unlimited Cash

It is fair to say that Grand Theft Auto V has a big money problem. Everything in GTA Online has been made so expensive that it forces people to purchase Rockstar’s Shark Cards to get in-game money. Even in single-player, earning money isn’t the easiest for those who can not spend a lot of time in the game. This is where mods help, as they allow players to have unlimited cash. However, using unlimited money mods in GTA Online runs the risk of users getting banned.

2 Install Custom Character Models

Grand Theft Auto V is a huge game, and it is also known for being incredibly open. However, one thing it does not offer is character creation and customization. Players are stuck playing with the same few characters and can do a little to change their appearance. Here is where the mods come in. They let people install custom characters, such as Superman, Batman, or even anime characters like Goku. This can be incredibly fun to do, and luckily, mods make it super easy as well.

1 Modify Game Attributes

This might be the first intended use of mods. Game attributes are the cogs on which the game runs. Modifying how these cogs work changes things such as running speed, car speed, money, and many other things. These kinds of mods are usually called trainers, simple native trainers, or mod menus. However, again, modding online profiles can be hazardous and may result in a ban.

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