10 Things To Know Before Playing Kingdom Hearts On The PC

Originally released in 2002 on the PlayStation 2, the debut Kingdom Hearts game has seen numerous re-releases. After almost twenty years, PC gamers are finally getting a chance to experience this classic Square RPG that launched an incredible franchise spanning several console generations.

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This new information may have piqued the interest of people who otherwise might not have cared. However, before you dive into the adventure, there are a few things you should know. Don’t worry, almost none of the points brought up are negative. On the contrary, Kingdom Hearts holds up extremely well when compared to modern games of a similar ilk.

10 The Package Comes With A Bunch Of Other Games

You cannot buy the Kingdom Hearts separately. It comes with several other games. Packaged with Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + Kingdom Hearts 2.5. This includes the debut entry, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of MemoriesKingdom Hearts 2, and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. There is also an extended movie covering the story of the DS title 358/2 Days and another one detailing Re: Coded. It is fairly convenient to have all these in one place for anyone looking to go through the series.

9 Start With This One

When it comes to RPGs, it is not always necessary to start with a franchise’s debut entry. No one would tell you to play the original Final Fantasy first. However, Kingdom Hearts is a notable exception.

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The series follows a single continuity, and it is essential to know what happens in the first game in order to understand the sequels. You should also avoid skipping it simply because it is a great game.

8 Play On Proud Mode

All of the games have several difficulty levels. Anybody adept at all at action games should play on Proud Mode. Proud Mode definitely puts up a fight and keeps players on their toes. Of course, if you are inexperienced in gaming as a whole, you may want to go for an easier mode. Think about what kind of experience you want. Anything easier is a cakewalk, but Proud Mode is certainly more engaging.

7 Timed Epic Games Store Exclusive

Epic really shook up the PC gaming market by nabbing numerous exclusives in its bid to compete with Steam. Many gamers see this as a direct contradiction to everything PC gaming stands for. Regardless of your feelings, Epic Games Store exclusives are here to stay. Kingdom Hearts is only available on this storefront for the time being. Anyone against the Epic Games Store will have to wait to get their hands on it.

6 The Game’s Story Actually Makes Sense, Relatively Speaking

The Kingdom Hearts franchise has a reputation for not making any sense. While this is definitely a little true, the convoluted narrative starts building up more in Kingdom Hearts 2. The first Kingdom Hearts tells a fairly complete, cohesive story on its own, leaving the door open for future games while also providing enough closure to feel satisfying. The logic is not always sound, but it is fantasy at the end of the day.

5 It’s A Little Expensive

People are happy for the games to release on a new platform, but some are a little taken aback by the price.

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This package, which features the first game in the franchise, costs $50 at the time of release. Granted, it is several games in one, but all of them are over ten years old. If you are a PS4 or PS5 owner, it is more financially sound to buy the games on those devices. You don’t have to contend with the Epic Game Store on the PS4, either.

4 It’s Pretty Short

When one hears a game is an RPG, they probably expect the title to be at least 30 hours long. When it comes to just going through the story, Kingdom Hearts is significantly shorter. The first time through, it should probably only take between 15 and 20 hours to complete. There is even a trophy on the PlayStation versions that asks the player to beat it in under five hours. Of course, one can spend more time unlocking all the secrets within the world.

3 The Gameplay Is The Simplest In The Series

Given that it is the first in a series, the gameplay is fairly simple. You have some choice in the way abilities are customized, but for the most part, Sora grows stronger in a linear manner. This is a major strength of the game, though. The combat is simple and easy to understand, making skill more based on movement and dodging rather than simply having the right abilities. Skilled players can even beat the game severely underleveled if they are talented enough.

2 Use The Colosseum To Grind

Like any RPG worth its weight in hard drive space, there is a colosseum for players to test their skills. Found in Olympus, the world taken from the Hercules animated film, players fight in various cups unlocked as the game progresses. Unlike many other games, Sora actually gains experience while competing. It is extremely worthwhile to use these cups to grind new levels. The Hades Cup in particular will level up Sora several times with each run through.

1 The Voice Talent Is Impressive

The mixture of Final Fantasy and Disney characters was a huge event in gaming. It also meant the first time many beloved Final Fantasy heroes got voices. The talent they hired did a great job. Mandy Moore plays a surprisingly good Aerith. On the Disney side of things, they managed to use a lot of the actors who voiced the characters for many years. Most notably, the actress who plays Alice, Kathryn Beaumont, is the same woman who played her in the original 1951 film.

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