10 Things Tevinter Nights Tells Us About The Next Dragon Age Game

The next Dragon Age game seems a long way off, but there is plenty of information to go on if one knows where to look. One of those places is in Tevinter Nights, the collection of short stories set in the aftermath of Trespasser.

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The short stories are written by the Dragon Age writers, and encompass a diverse group of tales. Most of the characters are new, though there are a couple of familiar faces. The tone and style changes from story to story, and the collection takes you on a journey across the events of modern Thedas in the North, particularly the next setting of the game, Tevinter. Better yet are the hints to the next installment of Dragon Age scattered across the pages, which can be picked up by the careful reader.

10 The Executors

Executors were first introduced in Dragon Age: Inquisition through a war table mission as a shadowy organization from across the sea. They make an appearance in the Tevinter Nights story The Dread Wolf Take You.

Not much is known about the mysterious group. They are also referred to as ‘those across the sea’, and one attends the meeting Charter calls to discuss the situation regarding The Dread Wolf. The Executor is covered from head to toe, a mesh covers their face, and their voice is described as being male or female, young or old. They attend the meeting to discern Solas’ goals, but is turned to stone before any information can be discerned from them.

9 Ghilan’nain

Ghilan’nain is one of the Evanuris, the pantheon of elven gods. While she doesn’t make a direct appearance in Tevinter Nights, The Horror of Hormak connects some disturbing acts to the God of the Halla.

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The tale tells the story of two Wardens who find a pool of briny water in the Deep Roads. The passages leading to the pool have disturbing elven murals of prisoners being taken away and turned into monsters by being submerged in similar pools. Why Ghilan’nain? She’s known as the creator of the halla. It makes sense for her to be the evanuris depicted in the murals, and her presence in this story may mean she will make an appearance in the next Dragon Age game.

8 The Ritual

The ritual is mentioned in The Dread Wolf Take You, and appears to be linked to the lyrium idol which was found by Hawke in Dragon Age II. 

Though the details are vague, it’s clear Solas has been conducting a ritual which will take years to complete. This ritual is to presumably destroy the Veil. Stopping this ritual will probably form some part of the campaign against Solas in the next Dragon Age game.

7 The Lyrium Idol

The red lyrium idol was found by Hawke in Dragon Age II. It later turned Knight-Commander Meredith mad and turned her into a red lyrium statue. The idol features prominently in the teaser for the next Dragon Age game.

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The Dread Wolf Take You explains that the idol was removed intact from Meredith’s lyrium statue. Several groups are after it, including the Qunari and Solas’s group, all for varying reasons. The idol depicts a couple embracing, and reflects Solas and Flemeth in the epilogue of Dragon Age: Inquisition. The idol, its origins, and its meaning are probably going to be featured in the next Dragon Age game.

6 Solas

The Dread Wolf has not been idle in the years since Trespasser. Solas has been positioned as the primary antagonist for the Dragon Age series. Inquisition connected him to the elven gods, the eluvians, the Blight, and the Fade. Tevinter Nights further connects him to the red lyrium idol.

There are questions around many of these plot points, and Solas potentially has the answers to them all. Solas is shown throughout Tevinter Nights to have an efficient spy network , creating paranoia amongst Thedas’s organizations. He even infiltrates a meeting called by the Inquisition in The Dread Wolf Take You. Callback shows a return to Skyrim, where a Regret demon has possessed Solas’s murals, calling itself the “regret of a god”.

5 Mortalitasi

Mortalitasi are the death mages of Nevarra. Contrary to the rest of Thedas, the Nevarrans bury rather than cremate their dead. The Mortalitasi are mages which encourage spirits to possess the bodies of the dead.

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Though Mortalitasi have never made a physical appearance in a Dragon Age game, there is one present in The Dread Wolf Take You. Solas shows particular disdain for the Mortalitasi’s casual binding of spirits, and threatens the mage several times. That a Mortalitasi and their rituals appear in Tevinter Nights is a hint that we may see more of this order in the next Dragon Age game.

4 Tevinter

As per the title of the collection of short stories, Tevinter Nights is mostly set in Tevinter. The stories cover a wide range of characters from a variety of cultures, backgrounds, and countries.

Tevinter is shown to be particularly cosmopolitan. Despite the class system and that mages rule, people of all backgrounds live and work in the ancient country. The stories of Tevinter Nights create a rich and diverse nation, and lets us know what to expect when we finally visit Tevinter in the next Dragon Age game.

3 Prosthetics

The Inquisitor was a popular protagonist, and many fans wish to see their return. The Inquisitor’s connection to Solas in particular makes for a convincing argument to see the Inquisitor return in some form of another, particularly for those who romanced him. One barrier to this is the loss of the Inquisitor’s arm in Trespasser.

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Tevinter Nights solves this problem in The Streets of Minrathous, where the protagonist, Neve Gallus, wears a prosthetic to replace one of her legs from below the knee. The prosthetic is of dwarven design and works seamlessly with Neve’s body. That prosthetic’s such as this exist in Tevinter means the Inquisitor may make a return donning an awesome dwarven prosthetic.

2 The Qunari

The Qunari and Tevinter have been at war since the Qunari landed in Thedas. The war has escalated in the recent years since Trespasser.

In Genitivi Dies in the End, the Qunari are shown to be searching ancient elven ruins, and are on the hunt for the Dread Wolf’s “true name”, which is presumably not “Solas”. The Qunari will probably cross paths with the protagonist of the next Dragon Age game, both through the war with Tevinter and through the hunt for Solas.

1 The Venatori

Despite events in Inquisition, the Venatori are a cult firmly embedded in Tevinter. The cult proves to be a problem across the stories of Tevinter Nights, particularly in The Streets of Minrathous. 

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The death of Corypheus hobbled the cult, but the Venatori are shown to still be active, albeit in a more subtle capacity. They’re discovered in a plot to release a powerful demon imprisoned under Minrathous in an attempt to continue Corypheus’s legacy. Despite their downscale, they’re bound to pose a problem in the next Dragon Age game.

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