10 Small Details You Only Notice Replaying Persona 5 Strikers

Persona 5 Strikers released last month to fan and critic acclaim. This faithful continuation of the Persona franchise gives players a chance to take another trip with the phenomenal characters from Persona 5. This time, the team takes a road trip across Japan, stopping more rotten adults in the process.

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While there are many memorable moments throughout the game, there are minute details that only repeat players will appreciate. From small artistic touches to missable dialogue options, these are details that only those willing to replay Persona 5 Strikers will catch.

10 Persona Construction Differences

Veterans of the franchise will recognize the Velvet Room, a cognitive room where Joker fuses his personas. While there are many similarities between the base game and Persona 5 Strikers’ fusion chambers, those with a keen eye will spot several fusion sequence changes. In Persona 5, Joker used guillotines to deconstruct personas for fusions, but in Strikers, a set of Iron Maidens is used instead. It’s a small change that may take a handful of fusions to notice.

9 New Official Art

One of Strikers’ most beautiful additions brings to the franchise is an entirely new set of artwork starring the Phantom Thieves. The game’s box art showcases beautiful images of each member of the group. Many players may ignore the game’s case entirely, instead opting to play the game through. After the initial hype has died down, they’re sure to see the beauty of this artwork when looking back on this excellent experience.

8 Unique Movement Animations

One of the biggest changes in Persona 5 Strikers is the new combat system. Instead of turn-based combat, players will take part in real-time fights against armies of shadows. To keep the hordes at bay, Joker and his friends will employ a litany of attacks to stun, damage, and overwhelm their opponents.

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When these attacks are used, it can be overwhelming, so players may take some time to acclimate to the chaos. When they do, they’ll notice fun animations that accent the attacks. Joker may ride snowboards, shopping carts, or spin around light poles depending on the Jail.

7 Sophie’s Mascot Animations

It’s pretty common for the team’s mascot, Morgana, to make exaggerated expressions throughout the game. In Persona 5 Strikers, he isn’t the only one who’s a bit dramatic. The party’s new member, Sophia, often joins in on the extreme displays of emotion. One of the first times players will see this is during the team’s trip to Konoe’s Jail. Her reaction to sub-zero temperatures is unexpected but hilarious. For an AI, Sophia sure is expressive.

6 The Hee-Horde

When Joker and his team explore the game’s third Jail, they eventually run into an army of Jack Frost shadows. There’s no way to move forward, and the team has to head back for the day. No matter what Joker says, the team will return, but if ‘Hee-ho!’ is selected from the command deck, players will unlock a fun easter egg. Choosing this option will encourage each member of the team to shout out Jack Frost’s catchphrase enthusiastically. It’s an excellent moment that is easily missed, so choose option three in this segment.

5 Battle Bonuses

One of the new systems added in Persona 5 Strikers is the BOND board. This set of passive skills unlocks bonuses for the team. Depending on what skills are purchased, the team’s effectiveness in combat can differ drastically. One such skill allows the team to increase damage after All-Out Attacks, while another regenerates SP over time.

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It’s almost impossible to unlock each of these BOND skills on a casual playthrough of the game, so it’ll take end-game grinding and repeated playthroughs the get the full BOND experience. Try making multiple saves and experimenting with which skill best suits your playstyle.

4 All-Out Attack Poses

One of the most iconic moves in the Phantom Thieves’ repertoire is their All-Out Attacks. After the team stuns an enemy, they can gang up and overwhelm the opponent. When the adversary is a miniboss or a boss, the team will all strike a pose afterward. Players might have missed that the pose the team strikes is different depending on who is being controlled. Joker’s pose will change if he’s the one who initiates the attack, just as with every other member. They may even say something smooth when they take down their foes.

3 New Reaper Area

Because Mementos is no longer an area in Persona 5 Strikers, the team has to confront the end-game boss at a different location. Those who were paying attention during the main game will recognize this area from the Wardens’ boss battles. It’s a fitting arena for such a daunting foe, and it’s an excellent backdrop for those who want a beautiful display when they’re beating bosses. Be warned, this boss is just as difficult as in any other iteration of the Persona games, and players may need several tries to take him down.

2 Weapon Appearance Changes

Over the course of the game, players will be able to purchase more effective weapons for each Phantom Thieves member. The more requests the team tackles, the more options they’ll have. What many might overlook is the fact that these new weapons come with varied cosmetic appearances. Sophia’s yo-yos, for example, will transform into spike-covered spheres when the right set is equipped. Make sure to keep an eye on the team’s gear, as there are some stylish weapons to choose from.

1 Souvenirs Decorate The RV

Because the Phantom Thieves spend the duration of their trip in the RV, it makes sense that they’d collect souvenirs to remember the places they visited. Fulfilling requests from fellow Phantom Thieves will result in Joker getting new items to decorate the inside of the vehicle. These souvenirs are easy to miss, so make sure to fulfill requests as soon as they are proposed to ensure these items are secured.

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