10 Secrets Many Still Haven't Found In Ocarina of Time

Released in 1998, Ocarina of Time still sits atop of Metacritic’s highest-rated games of all-time list with an unbelievable 99 score that will likely never be beaten. Not only is the game considered one of the greatest of all time, but it is recognized as one of the most influential too with its incredible gameplay and side quests that have inspired games spanning many different genres over multiple decades.

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One of the most impressive factors about Ocarina of Time is that, despite being the first 3D Zelda game, it had an incredible scope that offered players tons to explore. Unsurprisingly, this amount of diversity in the gameplay and exploration has meant that even today, there are fans of the game who have missed many of Ocarina of Time‘s hidden areas and mechanics.

11 The Bottle Is Mightier Than The Sword

Ocarina of Time offers numerous weaponry to players throughout the adventure. There’s the Kokiri Sword, Biggoron’s Sword, Giant’s Knife, Master Sword, and more. This vast range of weaponry is trumped by a fairly mundane item in the fight against Ganondorf though, a bottle.

When Ganondorf attacks players with his energy balls, the bottle is perfectly capable of deflecting them back. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the bottle is significantly better than the aforementioned weaponry, due to its reduced swing animation.

10 The Deku Nut Is Mightier Than The Bottle


Bottles aren’t the only unorthodox weaponry that can give players an advantage at the end of the game, as Ganon is weak to one of the game’s most common items, Deku Nuts.

Throwing Deku Nuts at Ganon’s tail will surprisingly damage the final boss, making them a great option while players are unable to use their Master Sword. Deku Nuts and bottles may not sound like the most epic weapons, though it’s symbolic of Link’s humble beginnings in a way.

8 A Valuable Antique

The vast majority of people that have played Ocarina of Time have likely suspected that the large vase in the center of Goron City has some sort of significance, but not many will have worked out exactly what its use is.

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To profit from the vase, players need to light all of the city’s torches as young Link; once this is done, the vase will start spinning. Once the vase starts spinning, throwing a bomb into it will reward players with bombs, rupees, or a heart piece depending on where the vase’s faces are pointing.

7 Lakeside Laboratory’s Prisoner

The Lakeside Laboratory is found on a small hill in Lake Hylia. Inside the laboratory is the Lake Scientist, who is in the process of conducting numerous experiments.

One of the scientist’s most curious experiments is hidden behind a cage; by dropping to the bottom of the pool, an imprisoned life-like shark can be found sitting motionless. It is unclear as to what the Shark’s purpose is, though there are, unsurprisingly, many fan theories.

6 DIY Repairs

As many people will already know, it’s possible to slice apart signs in Ocarina of Time with a well-placed swing of the sword. What many people won’t know, however, is that it’s possible to then fix the sign.

Fixing the sign doesn’t require any handyman skills, as players simply need to approach a broken sign and play Zelda’s Lullaby to make the wood magically reattach itself.

5 Catch Of The Day

Whether or not someone found this secret for themselves is likely a good indication as to whether that person should be trusted or not, as it involves winding up the innocent owner of the Fishing Pond.

If players cast Link’s fishing rod straight at the poor man behind the counter they can take steal his hat, revealing an unfortunate bald spot. If the player decides to add insult to injury and toss the hat into the pond, it will have numerous consequences: the owner will never wear the hat again, including in the final credits, a sign will be erected stating “Don’t cast at anyone”, and the player will be fined 50 rupees.

4 A Profitable Crime

Although many people associate Skull Kids with Majora’s Mask, their first appearance was in the game’s predecessorOcarina of Time. Some players will already know this as they will have obtained a heart piece from them as young Link; what some people won’t know, however, is that it’s possible to kill the Skull Kids for a financial reward.

Killing the Skull Kids is possible as adult Link when they turn hostile. The range of Biggorn’s Sword will just about reach the enemies, earning Link an eye-watering 200 rupees.

3 Overkill For Profit

Murdering Skull Kids isn’t the only way to earn some extra money in Ocarina of Time, as killing certain enemies with the ultra-powerful Light Arrows will earn players a pretty penny too.

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There are numerous small enemies throughout Ocarina of Time, such as Keese and Bubbles who will drop an impressive 50 rupees if shot with a Light Arrow, making it an efficient way to farm rupees.

2 An Immoral Shortcut

Killing for rupees isn’t the only mechanic in Ocarina of Time that may have made parents question the game’s suitability, as it’s also possible to bribe figures of authority.

Near the start of the game, there is a section where Link must reach Hyrule Castle by sneaking past guards. It’s possible to get a head start in this mission, as the guard at the start of the area will let players through the gate for 10 rupees.

1 A Morbid Moment

Like many Legend of Zelda games, Ocarina of Time‘s overarching story is very dark, though the game never feels too sad or depressing. There is one section of the game that hits home the reality of the game’s story, hidden away in an alley.

In between receiving the Ocarina of Time and playing it in the Temple of Time, a guard will temporarily appear down a back-alley of Castle Town. The guard will inform Link about Ganandorf’s betrayal, before going uncomfortably still; speaking to Navi will all but confirm the guard’s demise with the blunt yet unsettling line “he’s not moving anymore”.

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