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Who doesn’t love a good collector’s item? People have collected everything from Pez Dispensers to Beanie Babies over the years but the hot ticket item of our current times definitely has to be Funko Pops.

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With countless figures available on the market it can be wild to learn just how rare some of them might be. Some have sold for over $100,000.00 and others are so rare most don’t know they exist. No matter what it’s impossible to deny that collectors want to get their hands on these hard-to-get items.

Note: This list will only include items that were made conventionally available and will not include items like prototypes.

10 Freddy Funko as Ghost Rider (Metallic)

This Funko features Freddy with Ghost Rider’s signature chains, leather jacket, and skull head. On top of that, its metallic shine makes it look even more intense than it might normally. The only way to get this figure was at San Diego Comic-Con and seeing as how only twelve were ever produced, it’s unlikely most people got their hands on one.

9 Count Chocula (Glow in the Dark) (Freddy Funko)

This ultra-exclusive figure only had twelve copies ever produced. It features likely the most iconic of all the monster cereal mascots, Count Chocula, in full glow in the dark glory. While other Count Chocula Funkos were also produced, none of the others managed to sell for $10,000.00 on eBay, unlike this one. Someone must really love chocolatey cereal or vampires!

8 Stan Lee (Superhero) (Red Metallic)

Available exclusively at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo back in 2017, this Funko Pop features the late great comics legend in a uniquely colored metallic superhero uniform. Only twelve of these special figures were ever produced.

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What makes these figures extra special is that every box is numbered and signed by Stan Lee himself. This priceless piece of memorabilia is something that any Marvel fan would be honored to have in their home, but few ever will.

7 Jaime Lannister (Bloody) (Freddy Funko)

Only twelve of these figures were made available exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con back in 2013. However, unlike some of the rarer Funko Pops, these have come up for sale far more often in auctions. Still, better be ready to break the bank to get one, as the price of the last listing made in 2019 expected $13,500.00 in exchange for the plastic toy. A Lannister always pays his debts, right?

6 Clockwork Orange (Glow in the Dark)

This figure is by far the most valuable Funko Pop of all time. Only twelve were ever produced and the box of each one was signed by Funko Pop CEO Brian Mariotti. It’s been over five years since one was even available for sale, and the last one was listed for a whopping $13,600.00We might love Funkos that glow in the dark but that’s a hefty price!

5 The Sheriff (Trick or Treat)

This Funko Toy Tokyo exclusive was created as part of a collaboration between Chinese toy company MINDsense and Funko Pop. There were multiple Sheriff figures made, but only ten with the unique Trick or Treat color variant. Seeing as how none have been listed on the secondary market since 2014, it’s a difficult task for collectors to get their hands on one now.

4 Freddy Hopping Ghost (Purple)

This Funko Pop is based on jiangshi, also known as a Chinese hopping vampire. It’s a reanimated corpse in legends and folklore that sleeps during the day but comes out at night to drain the life energy of its victims. These frightening creatures have inspired an entire genre of literature and movies in Hong Kong and East Asia.

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There were multiple styles of hopping ghost figures made, but this purple one is by far the rarest of them all. It was already rare as part of the Hikari collection, but with only five ever made it is almost impossible for collectors to get their hands on one.

3 Freddy (Gold)

There are many other Freddy Funko Pops in various shades of gold but none are as rare as this one from the Hikari collection. Only five were ever produced as part of the Hikari collection making this sparkly sensation hard to find. Those who want one might need to purchase a time machine and go back to 2014 to even have a chance at this point.

2 Freddy (Blue Stars)

With only five of these Funkos ever produced, it’s a rare commodity that some collectors still don’t realize even exists. This Freddy could only be acquired during the Funko Fundays event at San Diego Comic-Con in 2014 and is a part of the already exclusive Hikari collection.

It’s currently valued at about $1000.00 which is less than certain other rare figures, but this is likely only because one has never actually been put up for sale at auction.

1 Freddy (Clear Glitter Creature)

This is undeniably the rarest Funko ever produced with only one ever being created. Part of the already exclusive Hikari line of figures, this one-of-a-kind Freddy comes with its own certificate of authenticity. It was only available at the Creatures the Light exhibition which took place in Manilla back in 2014. As the event wasn’t even open to the general public, it makes this Funko the most exclusive of them all.

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