10 PS4 Games With Fun Combat Systems (That Do Not Get Enough Love)

Now that the PS5 is here, it is as good a time as any to remember the games within the past seven years of PS4’s lifespan. Since the PS5 can emulate almost any PS4 title, these games probably won’t be getting remasters. That’s not entirely out of the question though. Marvel’s Spider-Man and Control got PS5 ports as just two examples.

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Will these others get ports? Who is to say but what is most important right now is remembering just how addictive and or inventive these games’ mechanics were. They may not have received good sales or universally praised reviews, but something about them made them all stand out. 

10 Attack On Titan

Before Marvel’s Spider-Man came out, Attack on Titan in 2016 nailed the sensation of swinging around. It was a miraculous feeling that captured the anime‘s whirling sensations perfectly. Swinging around and taking down Titans was fairly easy once one got the hang of it. It looks cool as well which is the most important part of any anime game. 

9 Ratchet And Clank

This 2016 reboot/remake was released to coincide with the movie even though both the film and game differed. What’s really weird is that the game looked better than the CG film which one would think would be the opposite. Looks aside, the gameplay loop of going onto a new planet and exploring all while leveling up guns was satisfying. The weaponry is usually the high marks for the Ratchet and Clank games so it wasn’t that surprising. 

8 Nidhogg 2

Both Nidhogg games are some of the best fighting games around. They are a pure, visceral experience that actually evolved the genre.

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One hit will send one’s opponent exploding into goop as if it were from an early 90s Nickelodeon cartoon. Even if one dies a lot, it is still fun to keep jumping back in for more punishment. This is perfect for a couple, or family that wants something new to do while stuck at home.

7 Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

This might not exactly be what one would call underrated as Uncharted is a big brand for PlayStation. That said this spinoff was indeed overlooked because it didn’t star Nathan Drake but instead focused on the female duo of Chloe and Nadine. Even though it was a spinoff, some think it is better than its direct predecessor, Uncharted 4, since it was a more open-world with alternate pathways. It still had those same addicting climbing mechanics. 

6 Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana

Ys IX just came out so that might be the more modern choice to recommend. However, it is a different beast altogether in terms of the setup. In Ys VIII, players are thrown onto an island and must explore its depths all while trying to maintain a settlement with fellow survivors. There is a story but it is secondary to the simple yet satisfying action RPG gameplay. 

5 SteamWorld Dig 2

The original SteamWorld Dig had some Metroidvania elements, but this sequel makes them more apparent. Dig into the ground to find materials that can then be used to upgrade equipment to further exploration. This then leads to bigger dungeons with particular gear needed. The gameplay loop is what can get players hooked as this seemingly never-ending underground labyrinth goes on for miles. 

4 Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders was a spinoff to the main franchise that quite blatantly ripped off Minecraft. It was a bold move but it was fun. This game improves upon those elements to the nth degree giving it more of that smokey Dragon Quest flavor. Because there is more combat and story on top of the robust building mechanics, this sub-series may even surpass Minecraft now. Building with friends is also a plus. 

3 Moonlighter

Moonlighter actually borrows from Dragon Quest to some degree. In particular, the fourth’s game’s spinoff that centered on Torneko, Torneko no Daiboken: Fushigi no Dungeon. In that game, players plunged the dungeons to get equipment for their shop.

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It was a roguelike. That’s the exact same setup as Moonlighter albeit with more modern sprites and gameplay mechanics. One more round is never enough. It’s also fairly rewarding and or easy compared to other roguelikes. 

2 Timespinner

Most Metroidvanias games fall into the Metroid category of exploration without the more RPG elements of games like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Timespinner was a rare occurrence in that it takes after the latter almost entirely. From the way the HUD looks to the character animations, this is Castlevania all while staying true to its own inner workings. It’s only a couple of years old now as of 2019. 

1 Anthem

Anthem is a bigger title that actually did get a lot of attention when it launched in 2019. However, a lot of this attention was negative. Anthem is better than the sum of its parts. While it lacked content both at launch and after, the actual combat of the game had so much potential. The idea of a Destiny game but with Iron Man like suits was a genuinely cool idea that. It’s a fun but fleeting sense of exhilaration. 

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