10 PS4 Games That Flew Under The Radar (But Were Actually Good)

PlayStation 4 games can fly under the radar undetected because of a low marketing budget. It’s also possible that people missed a game because it came out near the launch of the PlayStation 4 when many people didn’t own the platform. Evidently, a high budget doesn’t always equate to groundbreaking gameplay.

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Each game that follows is worth the time investment. They come from different genres like the first-person adventure genre, which has snowballed in recent times. Those looking to find a unique experience to broaden their horizons should read on. Consider yourself an avid PlayStation fan if you’ve played all these games.

10 Firewatch

This first-person single-player game won the approval of the small number of people who played it. It’s an indie game with tremendous appeal. Firewatch is a mystery game with an intriguing plot. You play as a fire lookout named Henry who becomes entangled in a plot outside his job duties. Set in the state of Wyoming, Firewatch’s lush forests and attention to wilderness detail are bound to win your approval.

9 A Plague Tale: Innocence

In the hidden PlayStation 4 gems category, few games are as obscure and gratifying as A Plague Tale: Innocence. This is a game that relies on stealth to defeat and sneak by enemies undetected. The game contains a dark tale about a girl named Amica and her younger brother Hugo who escape from overwhelming forces. A Plague Tale: Innocence’s best quality is undoubtedly its story. It’s heartbreaking but can also be uplifting at times.

8 Until Dawn

Developer Supermassive Games has specialized in episodic horror games, bringing unique experiences with each release. Until Dawn is arguably the best game to come from the developer because of its intriguing character and story design. This game will leave you with chills, which is rare for an episodic adventure game. Hopefully, developers like Supermassive Games continue to make games along the lines of this game. Until Dawn is truly one of a kind.

7 Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation is a hidden gem that reached popularity in recent years. For many, Alien: Isolation is an obscure game with you on the bottom of the food chain. Alien: Isolation requires stealth and action-oriented skills. Expect to hide in a derelict space station as one of the few survivors. This spine-tingling game was overlooked, yet it’s not too late to experience the outer space phenomenon.

6 Dying Light

As a game that launched way back in 2015, Dying Light is one of those overlooked games. Developer Techland’s commitment to patching and adding content to Dying Light is why it stands out. It compares to games like Dead Island and Dead Rising but does enough to be distinctive.

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Dying Light 2 is an upcoming game without a planned release date. In the meantime, the first Dying Light has sufficient content to keep players engaged.

5 Subnautica

Set on a foreign underwater planet, Subnautica is a hidden game waiting to be explored. This open-world game is much like the polar opposite of No Man’s Sky with all of the exploration taking place underwater. You can build bases, collect resources, and face wildlife that might be unfriendly. The atmospheric environment of Subnatuica is its best quality. This is a game you could log hundreds of hours playing without hesitation.

4 Mad Max

In Mad Max, the player gets to assume the role of an outlaw who leaves a trail of destruction with the hope of finding solace. You play as Mad Max in this video game based on a movie. Contrary to popular belief, a video game based on a movie can be good. Where many other film-based games have failed,  Mad Max‘s action-oriented open-world will keep players engaged. You are the unsung hero in this mission-based game, and you must survive against vicious gangs in this post-apocalyptic world.

3 What Remains Of Edith Finch

What Remains of Edith Finch tells a tale about a cursed family with members who die for strange reasons. You play as Edith, trying to figure out what happened to the rest of the family. You get to explore the enormous Finch house as you discover the grisly demise of Edith’s family.

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This game flew under the radar, but it received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Although grim at times, the game contains praiseworthy first-person exploration.

2 Sniper Elite 4

The tactical shooter genre is growing steadily now that developers are making games less straightforward. Tactical shooters like Sniper Elite 4 involve using strategy to defeat opponents. Running in guns blazing isn’t going to work in this game. With patience and a careful eye, one can learn the advanced sniping mechanics of Sniper Elite 4. This series is often shadowed by games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, but it’s worth playing nevertheless.

1 Inside

It doesn’t have the best stealth mechanics or graphics, yet unique atmospheric art direction makes this game a winner. Inside take place in a dystopian world where you have to solve puzzles to progress. You play as an unnamed boy in a 2.5D game. The game is something that genuinely needs to be experienced. If you liked Limbo, you assuredly would like Inside. Beneath the surface of Inside, there is depth that makes it worth replaying.

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