10 Pro Tips You Should Know Before Starting Project Winter

Like social deduction games? Big fan of Among Us? Then Project Winter is the perfect game to purchase off that wishlist! It’s a lovely eight-player game where communication and teamwork are key to survive. Of course, there are also traitors lurking around every corner wanting to sabotage survivors and ruin their chances of survival.

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For people trying Project Winter for the first time through Xbox Game Pass, it’s not too hard to get the basics of the game down. Still, there are some strategies and tips everyone could use to make their first games go easier and maybe bring home a win.

10 For Survivors: Make An Alliance Of Three

A solid group of three survivors is just about impossible to take out in the game. If players can manage to absolutely trust two other people with no reservations, they can corner and kill anyone else in the game easily and complete their objectives. It takes complete trust to work but when it happens the game is easily won.

9 For Traitors: Lone Wolf Tactics

It can be tempting to be wolves in sheep’s clothing, but it’s not always easy for traitors to pull off. Instead, it’s a viable strategy for one of the traitors to look as innocent as possible while the other goes completely AWOL and tries to gain as many traitor points as humanly possible.

If they can manage to get overpowered enough, it becomes easy to take down survivors when they need to split into smaller groups.

8 Know How To Build Trust

Whether traitors or survivors, everyone needs to know how to build up trust with their teammates. It’s hard to form strong alliances without trust and it’s just as hard to get players into sticky situations without it.

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It’s awesome to do something helpful, but if no one else sees it, it’s not going to actually build trust. One of the coolest ways to do this is to wait until the hunger meter is past the half-way mark then give food to a teammate as a form of trust. Do this where others can watch and it’s an amazing way to get people on players’ sides easily.

7 Don’t Troll

Whether players are survivors or traitors, one of the easiest ways to get knocked out of the game (or at least downed) is to start acting like a troll. Sure, it’s hilarious to run after teammates with an axe “for fun” but whether players have been entirely innocent the whole game or not, people won’t want to work with folks who are annoying.

6 Know The Cardinal Directions

Time to pull out a compass! “There’s a bunker up here” isn’t remotely helpful to anyone if they can only hear voices over the radio. “Head north of the cabin” is far more useful.

Giving vague directions can be a way to lose trust with teammates as someone sending survivors off with weird directions could be a way to lure them into a trap. Know those directions and use them well.

5 Know When To Fold Em’

Everyone needs to know when to walk away and know when to run. The famous song is being referenced for a reason — not everyone knows that unarmed players run faster.

Sometimes, there’s no choice but to drop whatever weapons are in hand and book it to safety. Seriously, never be afraid to run away instead of fighting, especially if health reserves are running low.

4 For Traitors: Always Strike First

In a one on one battle, the player that strikes first is going to be the one that wins. Winding up for a strong melee attack can be difficult and it’s devastating if it misses. There’s little chance of catching up to the survivor if that first strike misses, so it’s vital to make sure it hits.

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Fortunately, there are a few ways to do this well. It can be as easy as getting survivors to fall into a bear trap or hiding behind a tree or bunker so they can’t see the windup happening. Ambushes are always excellent. Even just offering players a part they need or a medkit could be enough to get them off guard so the fatal strike can happen.

3 For Survivors: Announce Special Roles Immediately

Look, it might result in death, but it’s best to make sure everything is on the table early on. This is especially true if players happen to be the Defector. Sure, a traitor might also claim to be a Defector, getting both players killed in the process, but being a team player is important here — it’s a noble sacrifice to help out the team.

2 Always Be Communicating

Radio silence is the best way to raise suspicions so be sure to be communicating with teammates as much as possible. This allows survivors to keep an eye on what everyone is up to so they can be the most helpful and keep safe.

For traitors, this allows them to keep tabs on their enemies while building up trust by being active and talking. A lack of communication is the fastest way to lose a game.

1 Know When To Withhold Information

Sometimes, it is important to not actually offer accurate information to the team, even as a survivor. Saying “I’m heading East” is a great way to let traitors know where to set up an ambush. It’s okay to outright lie about the direction players head in if it’s for safety and wait to listen for footsteps in case players are being trailed.

It’s also reasonable to not always announce when a beacon is found, or even activate it! It’s okay to make a mental note of things and wait until players are safely back with a group of people they trust to gather the parts needed and get assembling.

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