10 Pro Tips You Need To Know Before Starting Torchlight III

Torchlight III is perfect for players looking for a dungeon crawler to hack and slash through with a unique flair. It has creative character archetypes (name another game that has a Railmaster class) and tons of content for players to go through. With the game out of closed alpha and available to all, more and more gaming fans are giving it a try.

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The game can be a delight but it gets even better when players go in prepared. Knowledge is power after all! All it takes is a few pro tips for players to be on their way to success.

Pets are such a big part of Torchlight III (there’s even a Nintendo Switch exclusive pet) that knowing the best ones to choose can be incredibly important. Different pets can offer various buffs, auras, and combat abilities. The following pets are available:

There are pets with various rareties that players can hunt down if they are looking for specific looks, so keep that in mind. It’s also worth noting that it’s easy to change a pet once players have started, so don’t worry too much about that initial choice. Oh, and don’t forget to build a Pet Shelter at the fort.

When players leave a dungeon partway through, their entire progress is wiped and they are returned around. However, there is an easy way to avoid this. Before exiting the game, players should create a portal and head back into town. If they do, they’ll have the perfect way to get right back into the dungeon where they left off.

There are five relics in the game — Blood Drinker, Bane, Cold Heart, Electrode, and Flaming Destroyer. Each of them offers unique abilities, both passive and active, for players to utilize with their characters.

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It’s important to make sure to choose one that is the best fit because once a Relic is selected, there’s no turning back. Considering characters have to choose class-specific abilities to suit their Relics or risk being thoroughly underpowered, this decision should not be made lightly.

Going back and forth manually to town to sell loot in Torchlight can be a massive pain. Players in the know can avoid this entirely by sending a pet to do the job for them.

It’s an excellent feature, especially as a large amount of the loot in-game can be useless depending on character class. This lets players make a lot of money while keeping their inventory clear.

There’s a lot of reason to keep whatever in-game currency is used in a game at high levels, but it’s especially important in Torchlight III. When players die, they can revive right on the spot and not lose progress as long as they have enough gold.

Sure, players can revive back in town for free or at the start of a level for cheaper, but who wants to lose all their progress?

There are a large number of abilities that offer utility for every character class. However, it’s far more worthwhile to focus on those that deal damage when starting out in the game.

Being able to take down enemies quickly will make the long grind to level up far easier, and those other abilities aren’t going anywhere.

While not a requirement in the game by any means, building forts offers a lot of benefits to players. Forts follow the player themself, not just their characters, so players that gain advantages with one character can pass them on to future builds, making the grind a bit easier when someone wants to start fresh and try something new.

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Still, not all fort items are created equal. For example, building the Arcanum is almost required since most builds assume it exists due to how efficient it can make characters. The Automation Shop and Workshop can also be helpful, figures that allow players to store excess inventory.

The Torchlight series isn’t exactly known for having gripping storylines. While the mechanics of the game are fun, it takes a lot of grinding to get characters up to the highest levels and get the best equipment available. It’s worth picking up a podcast or having some other fun distraction for the more monotonous moments of the game.

Players can’t bring a character that has been used in single-player to play the game with friends which means adventurers need to make their builds and class choices carefully.

Where Dusk Mages and Sharpshooters can make playing solo difficult, they are amazing to have surrounded by a team. For single-player action, the Railmaster and Forged tend to be the best choice for players.

There is only so much a single article can offer in terms of advice and an entire community built around the game can help players astronomically. It’s a treasure trove where users can find character builds, cool content, and of course unlimited amounts of advice from experts. The invitation to join is open to all so why not check it out?

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