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Few developers can say their early access games sold over a million copies in just eight days. If this alone doesn’t show that Valheim has tons to offer those that love survival games, what about base building, monster killing, and thriving in what is essentially a Viking purgatory? Valheim is truly a unique and enjoyable experience worth trying.

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This game is obviously the next big thing, and gaming fans should take the time to understand how it works now. Once they learn the basics, there are some ways to make sure they are a step above the rest when it comes to being a Viking in the afterlife.

10 Only Eat Good Food

Look, people shouldn’t eat too much junk food in real life, and it’s the same in the world of Valheim. The better the food quality that players consume with their character, the better bonuses they will receive. Mushrooms and berries are fine, but cooked proteins can do far more. Regaining health and gaining various bonuses is absolutely worth it, so become a master Viking chef.

9 Spend Coins Wisely

Players need to make sure that when they get coins they don’t spend them thoughtlessly. It can take some work to find the Trader in the Black Forest, but it’s absolutely worth doing so. Personally, we recommend picking up the fishing pole early on as seafood is an excellent way to fill up characters’ bellies.

8 Understand Boss Summoning

No one wants to get their butts handed to them by a boss before they are actually ready to fight them. Summoning bosses is a straightforward process that usually requires placing two related trophies at a specific altar. Once the boss is summoned, it’s an all-out fight to attempt to defeat it.

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Each boss requires a different summoning method, and there are even hidden bosses in the game that aren’t easy to find. Remember those heavy dragon eggs no one wanted to carry back to base? That might have been a major mistake.

7 Make Delicious Mead

It takes Fine Wood to be able to craft a Fermentor, but it’s absolutely worth doing as soon as the ability is unlocked. The various bonuses that Mead has to offer can make certain boss fights, or various resource collecting missions, much easier. Everything from Frost Resistance to massive stamina regeneration is possible with a bit of this honeyed drink.

6 Get Pets Early On

Who doesn’t want a pet Boar or Wolf? It’s not only possible to tame a Boar in Valheim but tame a Wolf as well. It takes a bit of time and feeding, but with a bit of work, these fluffy friends will stay by the sides of the Viking adventurers. We recommend trying to lure them into areas with makeshift cages as it makes feeding far easier. The only way to tame a beast, at this time, is to feed it.

5 Stacking Storage

Efficiency is key in any survival game so players should make sure to use chests wisely. A lot of players never realize that they can stack chests in the game so their storage takes up much less space. Inventories can fill up fast, so having loads of chests conveniently ready to put things in makes the game go much more smoothly.

4 Craft Wolf Armor

Similar to Breath of the Wild, exploring the frozen mountains of Valheim can lead players to literally freezing to death. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to avoid this that players should look into early on. Players just need to craft Wolf Armor.

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Ironically, getting the wolf hides and other resources requires players to head under the mountains where they will also face the cold. There are ways around this, but doing this as soon as possible makes things easier for further exploration. It’s worth making a top priority.

3 Harvest Honey

Not the bees!” Even Vikings trying to survive in some weird form of purgatory have to deal with bees. Getting beehives is worth figuring out early on to get the honey supplies flowing liquid gold. It only takes ten wood and a Queen Bee to craft one, and players can get their queen by smashing beehives they find in the world.

2 Farm Greydwarf Nests

Greydwarves aren’t always easy to take down, but doing so can offer players tons of resources that are even more of a pain to hunt down. Occasionally, nests of Greydwarves will appear at random in various spots of the game. While there’s no way to control the spawn, players shouldn’t destroy the next right away. Instead, they should take down as many waves of the creatures as possible to get things like stones, wood, resin, and rare Greydwarf Eyes.

1 Use Console Commands

Everyone has different feelings about cheating in games, but the console commands in Valheim give players countless options worth exploring. It’s possible to use them to delete items, make events begin, or even just take pretty pictures. Not to mention, teleporting is incredibly useful and can save the effort of a long and boring walk to get next to friends.

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