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Killer Queen Black was one of the best games indie games of 2019 and it’s been a major success since its release. Its unique gameplay reminiscent of Joust is thrilling and contains the kind of depth competitive gaming fans dream of.

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With Killer Queen Black out on the Nintendo Switch and its addition to Xbox Game Pass, it’s never been easier to pick up and play this impressive title. There are some tips and tricks that can help even newbies look like seasoned veterans who played the original Killer Queen for arcades if they know them going in.

10 For Workers: Waste The Enemy’s Time

Making it through an entire game without taking a hit is practically impossible so expect to die quite a bit when playing as a worker. What’s most important is to make sure that workers are wasting more of the enemy’s time trying to kill them than they waste by dying. It’s easy to make opponents become focused on getting a kill so hard that they forget to guard important objectives.

9 For Queens: Play It Safe

It’s easy to think that playing as a Queen lends itself to high-risk moves due to all of the special perks they have in terms of mobility. However, all it takes is dying enough times for a game to instantly end.

It’s better to move in for an attack and immediately retreat than going too deep and suddenly being backed into a corner. Seriously, no need to be a hero, stay back unless the path forward is clear.

8 For Workers: Learn To Throw Berries

Running berries all the way into the hive isn’t efficient and the best workers simply practice their fastball skills and toss them inside. While some maps make it easy for players to simply stand and throw, it’s possible to add a lot of momentum to a berry if they build up speed while running before they throw.

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Players just need to make sure they don’t accidentally throw a berry into the enemy hive. The best way to avoid this is through practice, which is easiest to do on one of the game’s tutorial levels.

7 Know The Best Map Routes

Each map plays differently so they have more effective routes to travel through them than others. Each second counts in a match so players need to make sure they’re taking the most efficient routes when completing objectives or moving around the map.

It’s important to know which maps have screen wrapping and where it can help players escape gruesome deaths as well.

6 For Queens: Make Sure To Tag Gates

It’s way more important than players realize to have gates tagged. The best Queens can almost completely shut down the opposing team and force their Queen to be thrown into incredibly dangerous situations to allow their workers to enter gates.

Remember, that any part of the Queen touching a gate switches it over, even the tiniest tip of a toe pixel.

5 For Workers: Know When To Flex

No, this has nothing to do with showing off those muscles! Flexing in Killer Queen Black is when a worker switches tasks depending on the state of the game.

If a berry victory is imminent from the opponent, it might be time to make more warriors to fend the enemies off. On the opposite end, it might be time to work on preventing a snail victory by jumping on it if the opponents are getting too close.

4 Understand The Weapons

Each weapon in the game has distinct advantages and disadvantages that players need to know about.  The long cooldown on a gun can allow Queens or fellow workers to strike and should be taken into account for example.

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The unpredictability of the mace can be powerful, but for newer players especially, it is recommended to try to master the sword. It’s harder to hold vertical spaces with, but anyone that has played the arcade version of the game will know just how effective it can be.

3 Choose An Objective Focus

It’s important to try and choose a path to victory and stick to it within reason. Spreading out everyone across all of the objectives is more likely to end up spreading teams too thin.

Is this match going to be a berry victory? Is it time to kill the Queen? Or to distract the opponents so they miss a snail moving along? Make a decision and stick to it as much as possible.

2 Always Keep A Military Advantage

Every match is going to end in defeat if not enough workers become warriors. Having this advantage allows players to stop opponents from building their own forces, safely getting berries into their hive, and allows players to pressure the opposing Queen.

Sometimes games can result in total lockouts with a strong enough military. When players are at a military disadvantage, it’s vital to make sure whichever warrior is still standing remains amongst the living under any means possible.

1 Press For 2v1 Situations

It’s dangerous to go alone! In all seriousness, using pincer maneuvers is by far the best way to kill an opposing Queen. It’s also a great way to be sure workers and warriors don’t end up surrounded themselves.

Being on the poor end of a 2v1 makes players have to retreat hastily and can force them into dangerous situations that can be exploited for even greater games.

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