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Most Pokemon types are pretty logical: Fish-like creatures are Water-type, floral Pokemon are Grass-type, those with strange mental powers are Psychic. Dual-typed Pokemon have elements from more than one category, like the Water/Bug type Surskit. Occasionally, though, a Pokemon appears with a typing that doesn’t seem quite right.

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Pokedex entries sometimes clear up typings that seem odd, such as Dhelmise’s Ghost/Grass type. Others, however, don’t have any explanation. Some of these inconsistencies have confused fans for over twenty years; others are more recent. Here are just a few beloved Pokemon whose types don’t align with their lore, designs, or abilities.

10 Absol Shouldn’t Be a Pure Dark-Type

This typing usually covers Pokemon who have a wicked streak. Absol, however, is misunderstood rather than evil. With its ability to sense future disasters, Psychic-type fits it a little better. Additionally, its frigid habitat and knack for Ice-type attacks call Ice-type Pokemon to mind.

Some Dark-types do share Absol’s reclusive personality. However, a secondary Psychic or Ice typing makes sense with the species’ lore. It would also provide a beneficial STAB (same-type attack bonus) to some of its powerful moves.

9 Chansey Should Be Fairy, Not Normal

Though the Fairy type wasn’t introduced until Gen VI, plenty of pre-existing Pokemon were retroactively granted this typing. Considering its design and abilities align with the Fairy typing, it’s odd that Chansey wasn’t one of them.

Most Fairy-types are cute, charming, and kind-natured. They bring happiness and peace to others, people and Pokemon alike. Chansey, as an aide to Nurse Joys everywhere, fits this description perfectly. Additionally, both Chansey and the others in its evolutionary line can learn several Fairy-type moves.

8 Lucario’s a Great Fighting-Type, But Why Is It Steel?

Lucario can sense the auras of people and Pokemon, and manipulate this spiritual energy. It can also communicate telepathically with its trainer. These kinds of supernatural powers are most often associated with Psychic-type Pokemon, yet Lucario doesn’t possess this typing.

As of Gen 8 (and in most other generations), Lucario can learn more Psychic-type moves than Steel-type.  There’s also not much in its design that suggests the metallic composition of most Steel-types, save for the spikes on its hands.

7 Toucannon Should Be Part Fire-Type

This is a common type combination, and many Pokemon that bear it resemble real-world bird species. This seems to fit Toucannon, considering its toucan-like appearance. However, several aspects of its lore suggest it should be part Fire-type instead of boring Normal.

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Toucannon can heat its beak to over 212˚ Fahrenheit, igniting seeds to hurl at enemies. Its signature move, Beak Blast, is based on this behavior and can leave the target with a burn. Considering these abilities, Toucannon would easily fit a Flying/Fire typing.

6 Stantler’s Abilities Go Beyond Normal-Type

According to its lore, Stantler creates all sorts of visual illusions to trick and confuse its hunters. It plays tricks on peoples’ minds as a form of defense. Such abilities typically indicate Psychic typing, but Stantler is stuck with Normal—for no real reason.

With its extrasensory powers, it should be a Normal/Psychic or even pure Psychic type. Additionally, Stantler learns a staggering number of Psychic-type moves for a non-Psychic-type species. A Psychic-type STAB would make this Pokemon formidable in battles.

5 Dunsparce’s Habits Fit Ground-Type More Than Normal

Normal-type is often a sort of default in the Pokemon universe, nothing to connect them to any of the elemental types. Dunsparce, however, lives in underground caves, making its home from sand and soil. It also learns several Ground-type attacks.

Considering all this, it’s bizarre that Dunsparce isn’t a Ground type. Many species are partly defined by their habitat; for example, ocean-dwelling Pokemon are almost always Water-type. This little burrower fits Ground or even Rock-type far more logically than Normal.

4 Charizard’s Secondary Typing Should Match Its Design

Considering this Pokemon is a fire-breathing dragon, it’s strange that its secondary typing is actually Flying. The choice not make Charizard a Dragon-type has always confused Pokemon fans, since its design suggests it should belong to this category.

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Additionally, Charizard learns just as many Dragon-type moves as Flying-type through level up, and even more via TM. Replacing its secondary type would result in an equally useful STAB. Additionally, the Dragon typing would negate Charizard’s most common weakness: Water-type attacks.

3 Why Is Gyrados Part Flying-Type?

This type combination has bothered fans since Generation I. The Flying type usually covers birdlike species—not fearsome water monsters like this Pokemon. Additionally, its move pool contains nearly twice as many Dragon-type moves as Flying. A Dragon-type STAB would be far more useful for Gyarados.

Gyarados’ design is similar to dragons in Chinese mythology. Known as teng, these creatures are indeed capable of flight; however, considering its inspiration and appearance, Dragon makes more sense as a secondary typing for this Pokemon.

2 Celebi’s Typing Should Reflect Its Inspiration

When picturing a fairy, most people imagine a humanoid figure with delicate wings flitting through a woodland landscape. In other words, they picture something very much like Celebi. Considering this, a Fairy/Grass typing seems a better fit for it than Psychic/Grass.

As the Ilex Forest’s protector, Celebi invokes stories of pixies and dryads. This mythical Pokemon draws on ancient fairy myths, as well as elements from Japanese Shintoism. In both lore and design, Celebi epitomizes the idea of a fairy—yet it doesn’t possess this type.

1 Vibrava Has No Reason To Be Ground-Type

There’s nothing in Vibrava’s design or lore that justifies its Ground/Dragon typing. Bug makes a much more logical primary type for this Pokemon, considering that it appears to be based on dragonflies.

It seems that Vibrava is only Ground-type because its previous form, Trapinch, is also Ground-type. However, that evolutionary leap is also bizarre. Vibrava and it final form, Flygon, look nothing like the first stage in their line. Logically, Vibrava and Flygon should be Bug/Dragon types, perhaps unrelated to Trapinch in the first place.

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