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The release of Outriders has brought life into the gaming scene. A side effect of this is the presence of memes poking fun at the game, which can never be avoided as gamers generally love to mess with the fanbase.

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Most of these are in good fun and make reference to the things that can be found within Outriders. Some also point out the flaws present in Outriders that even the most hardcore loyalists have to begrudgingly acknowledge. Finally, there are the memes that are simply there to “troll” Outriders fans but are still no doubt quite humorous.

10 Save Space Is A Premium

Outriders has garnered attention for having a pretty big file size on the PS5 and Xbox Series but has been on the lower end as far as PC is concerned. Due to this, many PC gamers have been thankful to Outriders for keeping their feelings in mind.

This meme says as much as it pretends that Outriders is getting a medal from gamers for its fantastic achievement. Considering how ridiculously big save spaces are these days, this really is quite an achievement.

9 Because Why Not?

Those with a subscription to the Xbox Game Pass don’t have to worry about the price of Outriders since it’s free for them. However, that doesn’t mean everyone’s a fan of the genre, as some just aren’t fans of the game’s style.

And yet, since it’s free, why would one pass up on the opportunity to get Outriders? As this Lord of the Rings game fan points out, if it is within their grasp, there’s no reason not to check out the title.

8 That Joke Is So Seventh-Gen

Gone are the days when people would constantly fight over the Xbox and PlayStation, a console war that was at its peak during the PS3 and Xbox 360 generation. According to this fan, Outriders belongs to those times due to its presentation.

Of course, with the seventh generation of consoles having last been active over a decade ago, most of today’s fanbase won’t even get this shot at the expense of Outriders. The creator of this meme has effectively poked fun at the game and most might not even realize it.

7 Demos Are For Noobs

The release of the Outriders demo had caused quite a stir a little while ago. Its effects are still being felt as a few fans were still repeating their demo playthroughs when the game was released. Due to this, some might not even realize the game is available in full.

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The moment the actual game released, the demo became dated to most players; some even started pretending that demos, in general, are for noobs. This meme-creator certainly thinks so as they brag about finishing the whole game.

6 That Didn’t Last Long

There’s always a short attention span where gamers are concerned since a new title very easily sways their interests. The release of the Anthem redesign titled Anthem Next has been halted indefinitely, which would have caused an uproar had Outriders not been around the corner.

Now, with Outriders readily available, players just aren’t as concerned as they would otherwise be since they have another game to check out. To this end, Outriders is raking in cash over the cancellation of another game.

5 It Sounds So Simple

It wouldn’t be a modern game if it didn’t have bugs and glitches. Outriders is no exception, with many players complaining how their playthroughs have been hampered by frustrating glitches.

One might assume that the developers have a case of apathy toward all this, reminiscent of The IT Crowd where the characters simply tell people to “turn it off and on again” whenever there’s a problem. Most have probably tried this very trick hoping it fixes the glitches.

4 Is Outsiders A Destiny Clone?

Video game clones aren’t just restricted to the GTA series, at least not according to the creator of this meme. According to them, Outriders is nothing but a Destiny 2 clone and the developers haven’t done anything to even try to hide this.

It’s actually a bit difficult to argue against them considering there are a lot of similarities. Of course, there’s also the fact that players tend to nitpick on everything, so the entire meme might just be a shot at Outriders’ expense.

3 The Graphics Lied

This is the oldest complaint in the book where games have beautiful graphics in the previews, only to arrive looking entirely dated. Outriders is no exception, with the in-game models being a far cry from how they were made out to be.

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As can be seen, the actual appearance of the characters isn’t exactly revolutionary or anything special. Still, it’s become a fact of life that the quality of a game’s graphics is not always as advertised.

2 You Just Know They Loved It

Back when the demo had arrived, not many were seen discussing stuff such as class builds in Outriders as they were busier noting the reference to the US Capitol riots happening around the same time. 

This meme might suggest it was in bad taste and a lazy addition to the demo. The reference wasn’t as subtle as it could be, which is why SpongeBob Squarepants has been used in this meme because there’s nothing subtle about that guy.

1 It Depends On The Mood

When it comes to Outriders‘ servers, a player cannot predict whether it will run incredibly well or so slow that it may as well not even be switched on. Fans of Star Wars have chimed in since they’re the master of memes.

It’s hard not to liken the scene featuring Palpatine’s attack on Mace Windu to the Outriders server, as the two have very similar aspects. When the server isn’t up to the task, it can appear as if it’s weak like an old man. When it’s the opposite case, the server suddenly has so much power that even the player will feel overwhelmed by how smoothly it’s running.

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