10 Open-World Games To Play If You Loved The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

With Bethesda’s reputation at an all-time low right now, long-time fans are definitely shocked by how far the company has fallen ever since it reached new heights of popularity with the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The game is so incredible and beloved that even the recent track record of this company has done nothing to take away from the brilliance of this seminal title.

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So, it only goes without saying that gamers would want to try out more games in the same vein, so that they can recapture the magical feeling they had while playing Skyrim for the first time. While most games in the open-world genre have become quite uninspired, there’s definitely a small batch of titles that have ended up being impressive in their own right, to the point where they can definitely be compared in a positive light with Skyrim.

10 Kingdom Come: Deliverance

To say that the developers over at Warhorse Studios were inspired by the open-world design of Skyrim would be a gross understatement. Aside from the combat system and the lack of any fantasy elements, there are a massive number of similarities between Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Skyrim.

This isn’t even a bad thing, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an excellent title with a ton of heart behind it, and any player who gets into the groove of this title will definitely find themselves entertained for hundreds of hours.

9 Far Cry 3

There was a time when Ubisoft used to reign supreme as one of the greatest developers around, and one need only play the brilliant Far Cry 3 to understand how this studio managed to carve out such an envious reputation.

Far Cry 3 is a phenomenal experience, featuring brilliant characters and genre-defining gameplay that is still a staple of the Far Cry series to this day.

8 Monster Hunter: World

The idea of roaming in a fantasy world and fighting droves of monsters is something that any fan of the Monster Hunter series would be more than familiar with.

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The latest entry in the series is also considered by many to be the greatest game in the genre, and for good reason. Monster Hunter: World finally managed to shake off the reputation the franchise had for being a title that was hard to get into, featuring massive quality-of-life changes and brilliant gameplay that would definitely keep any fan of open-world action RPG titles occupied for the longest time.

7 Dragon Age: Inquisition

The Dragon Age series is one of Bioware’s best franchises, and the fact that it hasn’t been tainted yet — unlike another massive Bioware IP — is a fact that would be quite relieving for most fans indeed.

Dragon Age: Inquisition was the first title in the series to experiment with open-world design, and the end result was something that satisfied many gamers due to its intelligent inclusion. While the game might have its fair share of problems, most people would agree that Dragon Age: Inquisition was a game that was very much worthy of being a part of such an illustrious franchise.

6 Divinity: Original Sin II

For fans of classic CRPGs who were unhappy with the recent dearth of quality titles in this genre, most people could definitely not go wrong with Divinity: Original Sin II.

The game is full to the brim with a ton of content and ends up being a stellar and unforgettable experience from start to end. Larian Studios definitely put everything but the kitchen sink in this game, which definitely shows due to the stellar quality present in this title.

5 Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War

After Shadow of Mordor took everyone by surprise when it was released in 2014, fans couldn’t wait to see how WB Montreal would improve on this formula in the sequel. While there are certain parts of Shadow of War that irked some players — mainly stemming from monetization and the endgame grind — the game as a whole is certainly brilliant to play through.

Shadow of War is easily one of the greatest open-world games around, with the Nemesis system serving as a highlight once again due to the manner in which it personalizes each player’s experience. Assaulting forts and riding drakes has never felt as brilliant as it does in this title.

4 Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 was hyped to the moon when it was initially announced… so fans were definitely disappointed to see just how lackluster the state of the game was on launch. Thankfully, CD Projekt Red is hard at work when it comes to patching the game, which is very much required since these bugs are marring an otherwise brilliant experience.

Make no mistake — Cyberpunk 2077 is a brilliant title with an excellent story that will keep fans hooked all the way to the very end, with a story that most people can easily qualify as one of the best tales ever told in an open-world RPG.

3 Fallout 4

It was only a given that a list talking about games similar to Bethesda’s legendary open-world title… would list more games developed by this studio as well.

Fallout 4 was one of the most widely anticipated titles around when it was announced, enticing games with another enthralling journey through the Commonwealth as they try to rescue their son after he’s kidnapped by unknown forces.

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While the game had its fair share of detractors, there’s still no denying the masterful nature of Bethesda’s open-world design, which definitely makes Fallout 4 an entertaining experience from start to end.

2 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The Elder Scrolls series is packed to the brim with a bunch of excellent games, with Oblivion being one such title that is also brilliant in every sense of the word.

Roaming through the lush and diverse land of Cyrodil makes for a wildly entertaining experience and a fresh change of pace from the predominant snowy landscapes and forests of Skyrim. This keeps exploration fresh and entertaining — something that is very much expected in an Elder Scrolls game.

1 The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

However, while both Oblivion and Skyrim are definitely great games in their own right, there’s still a substantial section of the fanbase that will stand by The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind as the best game in the series by a country mile.

Nostalgia could definitely play a major factor in this decision, but there’s no denying the fact that the swampy and lush areas of Morrowind make for some of the most unique locales in the series, making the act of exploring through these areas an absolute treat.

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