10 Non-Psychic Pokemon That Can Learn Psychic-Type Moves

It should perhaps go without saying, but the elemental type of a Pokemon is incredibly important. Not only does it determine the Pokemon’s strengths and weaknesses, but also which moves it will learn as it levels up and which TMs it has access to later in the game. Sometimes, however, things don’t always make sense in this regard.

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There are countless Pokemon throughout the series that have access to moves that one might not typically associate with their type. These include numerous non-psychic-type Pokemon who are able to use powerful psychic-type moves like Psychic and Future Sight. Savvy players are able to use this to their advantage to build unstoppable parties and decimate their rivals.

10 Venomoth

Venomoth and its unevolved form Venonat are two of the many casualties from the infamous Gen 8 Dexit debacle and have yet to be added into the games in the time since their release. It’s a shame, really, as these bug/poison-type Pokemon have some pretty wild move sets which feature some of the best psychic-type moves in the series.

They’re able to learn both Confusion and Psybeam before they’ve even hit level 20 and later gain access to Zen Headbutt and Psychic. They’re also able to learn Rest through the use of TM44 and can acquire both Agility and Skill Swap through breeding.

9 Spritzee

Despite being a fairy-type Pokemon, Spritzee and its evolved form Aromatisse are able to learn several psychic-type attacks. The first of these is Psychic, which can be learned at level 27. In addition to this, Spritzee can also learn Calm Mind and Skill Swap at levels 33 and 29 respectively.

Upon evolving into an Aromatisse, the Pokemon gains the ability to learn Heal Pulse and can also bolster its move set with numerous other psychic-type moves with the help of TMs. In addition to the powerful Psyshock move, it can also be taught Ally Switch, Trick Room, and Reflect.

8 Barboach

For a water/ground-type Pokemon, Barboach has access to a surprising number of psychic-type moves. It’s able to learn Rest at level 6, Amnesia at level 18, and will learn how to use Future Sight after it reaches level 42. Upon evolving into Whiscash, it gains access to yet another psychic-type attack.

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The mythical catfish-like Pokemon is able to use Zen Headbutt, although will need the assistance of either a move relearner or TR69 in order to do so. It’s worth the effort though, as Whiscash is an effective user and the chance of causing the target Pokemon to flinch can be incredibly useful when in a pinch.

7 Growlithe

Growlithe is an incredibly versatile Pokemon that is able to learn moves of almost every type. It’s also one of several non-psychic-type Pokemon with access to Agility and will learn the move naturally upon reaching level 20. With the aid of TMs, however, it’s able to learn a few additional psychic-type moves.

As well as Rest, it’s possible to teach Growlithe the Psychic Fangs move which can be incredibly useful due to the Pokemon favoring physical attacks. In previous generations of the game it was also possible to teach Growlithe and its evolved form Arcanine both Teleport and Reflect, although players hoping to use these moves in Gen 8 will need to transfer the Pokemon from an older game.

6 Vulpix

Vulpix and Ninetails are two more Gen 1 fire-type Pokemon with access to psychic-type moves, with the pair able to learn both Extrasensory and Imprison as they level up. They can also learn an additional seven psychic-type moves with the help of TMs, including powerful attack moves like Psyshock and Stored Power.

Interestingly, not only do the Alolan forms of the two Pokemon maintain the psychic-type moves in their original move sets, but they also gain access to one additional TM. The Gen 5 move Wonder Room swaps the defense and special defense stats of all Pokemon for five turns, which can be incredibly helpful in certain situations.

5 Yveltal

First introduced in Gen 6 as the mascot for Pokemon Y, Yveltal is a dark/flying-type Pokemon with access to several psychic-type moves. The most notable of these is definitely Psychic, which it learns at level 59 in both the Gen 6 and Gen 7 games.

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Thanks to the Pokemon’s high special attack stat, it’s an incredibly effective user of the move, especially as it doesn’t suffer from the same weaknesses as psychic-type Pokemon. It’s also able to learn Zen Headbutt and Rest with the aid of TMs and can learn Dream Eater in earlier Pokemon games.

4 Absol

Absol may only have access to one psychic-type move natively, but it just so happens to be one of the most useful and interesting attacks in the series. Although it plays out over multiple turns, Future Sight can deal some impressive damage and is effective against a wide array of Pokemon due to its somewhat unique properties.

It can also learn Magic Coat through breeding and can be taught four additional psychic-type moves with the help of TMs. These include Psycho Cut and Zen Headbutt; both of which are incredibly useful due to Absol’s high physical attack stats in both its regular and Mega Evolution forms.

3 Ho-Oh

Ho-Oh is another non-psychic type Pokemon that is able to learn Future Sight. Since Gen 4 though, the Pokemon can also learn a few more psychic-type moves as it levels up. At level 27 it gains access to Calm Mind and it later learns Extrasensory upon hitting level 36.

Although the Pokemon can’t learn any moves through breeding, it is possible to transfer a Ho-Oh with Dream Eater from a previous generation. What’s more, it can also learn some of the very best psychic-type moves with TMs including Imprison and the devastatingly powerful Psychic.

2 Eevee

For a normal type Pokemon, Eevee has access to a surprising number of moves. As well as innate ground, fairy, and dark-type attacks, this little critter can also learn a unique psychic-type move called Glitzy Glow. It’s pretty powerful and has some interesting effects as well. There is something of a catch though.

The move can only be found in Let’s Go, Eevee and is acquired through the use of a Move Tutor. Eevee is the only Pokemon that can learn it, but will not be able to use it in any other games; thus making it somewhat useless in the modern meta. This isn’t the only psychic-type move that Eevee loses access to in Gen 8 either, with the Synchronoise TM also being cut from Pokemon Sword and Shield.

1 Suicune

Despite being a water-type Pokemon, Suicune is able to learn several psychic-type moves as it levels up. The first of these comes at level 18 when it learns Calm Mind and it gains access to Extrasensory when it reaches level 48. It will also learn Mirror Coat upon hitting level 60 and can learn three additional psychic-type moves through the use of TMs.

Interestingly, Suicune is not the only one of Gen 2’s legendary beasts with psychic-type attacks in its move set. Both Entei and Raikou can also learn Extrasensory and Calm Mind upon reaching certain levels, while the latter can learn Reflect when it hits level 60.

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