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Items have always been a significant part of the Super Smash Bros. franchise. Whether relying on healing items to get you out of a pinch or waiting for that Home-Run Bat or Golden Hammer to do opponents in, the Smash experience would not be the same without the items players have grown accustomed to.

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But amongst the various items in Smash Ultimate are some that perhaps grant the wielders too much power, ones that are dangerous in the hands of the wrong (or right) player. With items that can one-hit KO and others that hold varying damage capabilities, these items are the ones players should look out for when wielded by their opponents, and hope that at the next item drop they can be lucky enough to snag one of these.

10 Special Flag

The Special Flag is an item that renders the user immobile for at least three seconds but rewards them with an extra stock in stock matches or an extra score in timed matches. Essentially, it can turn the tide of a fight drastically with very little effort needed by manipulating a player’s standing in a match. What’s more, any character can be impacted, regardless of pre-existing biases based on skill.

In the event that the player has CPUs active, they will turn their immediate attention to anyone in the map activating a Special Flag. While this can prove an obstacle, it can be avoided by strategic stage positioning. Nevertheless, this item is a surefire way to give yourself an extra push to victory, while simultaneously infuriating the people around you (which is a victory in itself).

9 Gust Bellows

An item from the Legend of Zelda series, Gust Bellows unleashes a continual stream of wind that pushes enemies. The item can also be thrown, and if thrown with wind still in it it will bounce around the stage, pushing all opponents if struck by the stream.

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Despite this item not doing damage with its wind, it does in fact have enough knockback potential to force opponents off stage in a matter of moments. With this, it can cause instant KOs at 0%, since people trapped by it have a very little chance of recovering.

8 Boss Galaga

Boss Galaga is an item with devastating one-hit KO potential. Hailing from the Galaga series, its reputation as the strongest enemies in that game translates to its Smash presence with its ability to drag players off-screen into the upper blast line. Players can attempt to button-mash to escape, but depending on their position on the stage, this could be a futile effort. Moreover, if the player is at 50% or more, their chances to escape are decreased.

Because of this item’s ability to unbiasedly target opponents (as its beam is based on the user’s last position), it can impact players of all damage percentages. This alone demonstrates the dangers of this item since it could target a player with 0 damage taken, completely wasting their low percentage and, subsequently, significantly lowering their chances at victory.

7 Master Ball

Between the regular PokeBalls and Master Ball, it’s obvious that the Mater Ball is the superior item. With an arsenal of Legendary and Mythical Pokemon available, the damage output from this item alone ranges from 30 to 40 damage, which is an outstanding amount depending on the conditions of the opponent. The Pokemon released from the Master Ball have vast area-of-effects, ultimately increasing its capability to impact more opponents on stage.

The only downside to this item is the fact that the user can release Goldeen, the most useless Pokemon available in both Balls. Regardless, the probability of getting Goldeen is slim, and the Master Ball is definitely worth the shoutout given its powerhouse Pokemon list.

6 Fairy Bottle

While there are several healing items available, the Fairy Bottle is the standout, given the fact it combines exponential healing with offensive capabilities. Like the Heart Container, the Fairy Bottle can heal for 100 points, but can only be opened when the target (either the user or anyone the user throws the bottle at) has 100 or more damage.

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Although waiting until 100 could be a hindrance, in truth the duality of this item is beneficial and can be used strategically if held onto. As a weapon, it has medium knockback potential, and it can be automatically activated if the holder reaches 100 while in possession. Essentially, it can be used to heal for 100 points, be held until an ally needs it, or be used as a weapon — this demonstrates its range that no other healing items contain.

5 Death’s Scythe

As its haunting name implies, Death’s Scythe is a deadly item that can instantly KO foes who are at a minimum of 70 damage taken. Unlike items that cause knockback, opponents who are instantly KO’d by this item (which originates from the Castlevania series) instead vanish instantly.

Because of its instant-KO mechanics, it’s far more dangerous than the other battering items. Besides the 70% KO, it can also KO at 80% with an uncharged smash attack and at 120% with a tilt attack.

4 Hocotate Bomb

Of the many bomb-related items, the Hocotate Bomb is unique with its numerous damage capabilities, rather than solely relying on exploding. When used, the Hocotate Bomb will fly off-screen (replicating the Hocotate Ship from the Pikmin series), subsequently dragging any enemies in its path upwards with it. This alone has the potential to instantly KO, since the item flies up by the upper blast line.

When the Hocotate Bomb eventually descends, it blasts for approximately 12–14 damage. It also has a meteor effect, which could be detrimental to enemies hit by it off-stage. Between a potential off-screen KO and its impact when detonating, it provides much more than any other bomb on the Ultimate item roster, something that players may not have considered.

3 Beetle

Being another item that can restrain players and savagely drag them off of the map, the Beetle is another terrifying item with one-hit KO abilities. Much like Boss Galaga (interestingly, both introduced in Smash 4) it will take any victim it grabs and drags them swiftly upward toward the upper blast line, resulting in an instant KO.

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Escaping is possible, but unlikely given the ascent speed. What’s more, higher damage percentages make the escape threshold much harder to hit. Players can, however, be unaffected by this item with the influence of items like the Metal Box (which makes the target too heavy) or size-manipulation items that are in effect. Still, it is an item that should be feared, since it can remove a stock quicker than some players can react.

2 Drill

Here’s the drill: using the Drill to its greatest power as one of the most overpowered items in this game requires optimizing its two parts, the drill head and the base. First, the drill head can break shields and bring opponents with it in its horizontal trajectory, resulting in either dragging a victim outside of the stage barriers (ending in a KO) or pinning the victim against a wall until the drill head stops.

If those weren’t enough, the base can be thrown for a surprising amount of knockback, airing well as a secondary assault once a victim is freed from the menacing drill head. Not to mention, the base has a damage range of 22–28% when thrown, making the combination of the two parts horrific to any percentage amount.

1 Deku Nut

Stunning enemies is the Deku Nut’s most prominent feature. As a thrown explosive, it can cause any opponent caught in its blast to become stunned, leaving them vulnerable to free hits in a state similar to that of a broken shield.

What makes the Deku Nut all the more terrifying is the limitless potential it has for putting players in a tough spot. While detrimental in rendering players vulnerable, it is even more destructive when targeting airborne opponents, since the knockback can KO. It should be noted as well that the explosive component of this item hits for about 25% damage, which is an added bonus to its stun.

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