10 Most Breathtaking Locations In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

When one talks about some of the greatest open-world titles ever made, it’s only a matter of time before The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt becomes an integral part of this conversation. There’s no need to explain why this is the case — CD Projekt Red slowly burst onto the scene with the first two games in The Witcher series, before the studio’s third title became the most anticipated title around and ended up exceeding all expectations when the title was finally released to the public.

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There are a number of reasons as to why The Witcher 3 is considered by many to be one of the greatest video games ever made, with the graphics and open-world of this title deserving of all the praise it has received. The stunning landscapes and seminal open-world design of The Witcher 3 means that there are bound to be some truly breathtaking locations in this game, and this list will take a look at ten such areas present in this title.

10 Honeyfill Meadworks

The area in and around Honeyfill Meadworks features some truly impressive and stunning world-design, with the simple act of roaming around this bee estate being an absolute treat in every sense of the world.

The area near this estate features a bevy of differently-colored flowers and trees that look absolutely amazing flowing in the wind. Happening upon this location while going to the city of Novigrad is bound to be a treat in every sense of the word.

Speaking of which…

9 Novigrad

Out of all the cities present in the base game, one has to admit that Novigrad is easily the most beautiful and amazing to explore of the bunch.

Going around the various locations of this city and witnessing the beauty that lies in a number of these locations is something that should definitely be appreciated by anyone who’s falling in love with The Witcher 3.

8 Kaer Morhen

An old keep which is legendary in the world of The Witcher, long-time fans of the series would’ve definitely been excited at the prospect of entering this area once again in The Witcher 3.

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This keep houses the members of the School of the Wolf and serves as the stage for one of the most important battles in The Witcher 3. Of course, it certainly helps that the keep itself and the areas surrounding it are a visual treat that will entertain fans to no end.

7 Fyresdal

Before Skellige, one has to admit that the views and vistas of The Witcher 3 — while beautiful in their own right — were definitely getting a bit grating on the eyes. Combing through similar-looking areas over and over again was bound to be a tiring prospect for many.

This makes the timing of Skellige so incredible — the player is instantly brought to an area that is full to the brim with new and interesting environments, and the village of Fyresdal is the perfect example to showcase the scenic beauty present in Skellige.

6 Fayrlund

Another area that has become the favorite of many in Skellige is Fayrlund — an isolated village next to a lush and rich forest which the locals believe houses a powerful Woodland Spirit.

This Woodland Spirit turns out to be a Leshen, and players who end up exploring this village and the areas around it will be privy to some beautiful views that are bound to be quite a treat indeed.

5 Undvik

However, while the villages discussed are definitely major highlights in Skellige, one can’t help but mention an entire island in this area that features stunning and memorable views across the board.

The island of Undvik is a major area in Skellige, and players who happen upon this island will definitely lose hours upon hours just trying to explore this beautiful area to the very max.

4 Seidhe Llygad Amphitheater

The ruins present in The Witcher 3 are a sight to behold, and it was only a given that Blood and Wine‘s new area — Toussaint — would definitely run with this idea to craft one of the best haunted areas in video game history.

The Seidhe Llygad Amphitheater is a remnant of Toussaint’s elven past, with the ruin being haunted by a phantom who died in the amphitheater during the opening play when the structure was restored. It’s a beautiful location and a must-visit for anyone who wishes to enjoy this area to its fullest.

3 Beauclair

Speaking of Toussaint, one must say that this new area — introduced in the Blood and Wine expansion pack — is easily one of the most beautiful locales in the entire game, featuring some stunning locations that will keep fans reeling in shock and awe while they’re exploring this vivid and beautiful territory.

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The capital city of this area — Toussaint — should also receive props for being an amazing city to explore, with every nook and cranny hiding something or the other. Roaming around this city and checking out the views that come with this area is easily one of the most entertaining parts of the entire game.

2 Gedyneith

A sacred oak tree located north of Ard Skellig, it goes without saying that Gedyneith and its surrounding area is easily one of the most memorable and unique areas in the entire game.

Heading to this area in order to talk to the druids that reside here is easily one of the most enjoyable acts in the entire game by a country mile.

1 Hanged Man’s Tree

However, while Gedyneith might be a sacred oak tree that generally emanates a sense of peace and wonder, the same can’t be said for another notable tree in The Witcher 3 that is also famous… but for all the wrong reasons.

The Hanged Man’s Tree serves as a way to showcase the brutality of war, with bodies being hung up on this tree pretty regularly. The beauty in this area is mostly serene and muted, serving as a stark reminder of the evils of man and the fallacious nature of war, which adds a layer of sadness to this otherwise scenic locale.

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