10 Most Breathtaking Locations In The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

The Elder Scrolls series has come a long way since its humble inception. Since that time, several games have released in the series that are notable for a whole host of reasons, with Morrowind arguably being the first game in the series that propelled The Elder Scrolls and Bethesda to new heights in the gaming industry.

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While Morrowind might definitely look like a product of its time if people play it right now — an inevitability, given the fact that the game was released all the way back in 2002 — there’s no denying the fact that even a game that’s almost two decades old can still cause a sense of wonder and amazement to arise in the player as they explore the area of Vvardenfell and figure out all the secrets and details that lie within. This enjoyment can be further enhanced through the use of mods, with Morrowind having some of the most robust and game-changing mods around.

For people who want to explore everything that Morrowind has to offer, here are ten of the most breathtaking locations in the game that still stand strong to this day as some of the most well-designed areas in a video game.

10 Kogoruhn

During the main quest, the player will be instructed to head to Kogoruhn — a Dunmer Stronghold that also serves as the backdrop for some of the most memorable moments in the game as well.

Fighting through hordes of enemies and besting the challenges that lie within this once-bustling stronghold is easily one of the best parts of the game, allowing for the Nerevarine to prove themselves as the savior of Vvardenfell.

9 Cavern Of The Incarnate

Kogoruhn served as the area for the Nerevarine’s second trial, and the third trial will bring him to a particular cavern in the Ashlands that is quite notable in its own right.

The Cavern of the Incarnate itself is strikingly beautiful and can leave quite the impression after the player has completed the riddle that lies within. It can only be entered during the hours of dawn or dusk, which can be slightly frustrating… although the Wait option does end up serving some use in this regard.

8 Valley Of The Wind

To reach the Cavern of the Incarnate, the player needs to head through the Valley of the Wind, which is a pretty interesting area in its own right that has a weird charm of its own.

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Entering this valley is a treat in itself — courtesy of the two stone spikes names Airan’s Teeth that mark the entrance to this valley — and players would definitely savor the idea of exploring this unique location as they make the trek towards the Cavern of the Incarnate.

7 Vivec

The first time players reach the city of Vivec is bound to be a magical experience. The city is divided into numerous quarters that are so massive that there’s even a gondola that lets players move around these areas without spending too much time.

Regardless of how players decide to roam around these areas, there’s no denying the fact that going to Vivec is nothing short of a magical experience that no fan of The Elder Scrolls series should miss out on.

6 Bitter Coast

The Bitter Coast serves as one of the most iconic areas in the entire game, with fans being more than aware of the massive swamps and marshes that have become a staple of Morrowind‘s image.

Roaming around this area can prove to be quite entertaining, with the various hidden treasures and shipwrecks scattered all across this coast serving as nice and fun distractions to keep the player busy as they travel all around this marsh area.

5 Sadrith Mora

The idea of living in a giant mushroom might sound absolutely ridiculous, but it’s the manner in which Sadrith Mora is so expertly constructed that makes it such a highlight in Morrowind.

The entire settlement is full of these mushroom houses, along with the notable Wolverine Hall that is quite entertaining to explore as well. All in all, Sadrith Mora has a little something for anyone who wants to experience Morrowind‘s unique architecture and world-design in one well-rounded package.

4 Tel Vos

Sadrith Mora might be a settlement populated with mushroom houses, but it’s still got nothing on Tel Vos, which beats this settlement in terms of sheer quirky design.

Tel Vos is basically a castle that has been overgrown by a giant mushroom, making for a pretty intriguing and scenic area. The fact that this giant mushroom has also been transformed into a chamber of sorts makes Tel Vos all the more engaging and fun to explore.

3 Tel Fyr

While Tel Vos might be a notable wizard’s tower in its own right, Tel Fyr is also another tower along the same lines that is quite memorable as well.

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The island where Tel Fyr is situated lies southwest of Sadrith Mora and is featured heavily in the main storyline, when the Nerevarine needs to acquire a cure for Corprus after contracting the disease.

2 Ald’ruhn

The town of Ald’ruhn serves as the base of House Redoran and is also quite an interesting place to explore, made even more memorable during dust-storms, when the entire town is coated in sheen of dirt and grime that actually looks quite neat in its own right — something that is definitely quite impressive for a game released almost two decades back.

All these elements combine to make Ald’ruhn a unique and memorable town in the world of Morrowind.

1 Balmora

However, it would be impossible to talk about the towns and cities of Morrowind without mentioning a massive city that is easily one of the most iconic — and frequented areas of Morrowind by a country mile.

Balmora is a massive settlement that will take quite some time to explore and is ideally the first area that the player will explore due to its early ties with the main quests and general ease of accessibility as well. It’s a notable and renowned town, allowing for the player to ease themselves into the workings of Morrowind and familiarize themselves with the mechanics before heading out into the unknown.

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