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Since Bethesda’s acquisition of the Fallout IP, there has been a slew of 3D Fallout games that have been excellent in their own right. However, from a pure role-playing perspective, there’s no denying the fact that Fallout: New Vegas is possibly the best of the lot, with Obsidian Entertainment using all its expertise to craft what most people consider to be one of the greatest Fallout games of all time.

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Of course, while the role-playing aspect of Fallout: New Vegas is definitely its biggest strength, there’s no denying the fact that there are still several parts of this game that should definitely be praised as well, with the memorable design of the open-world being one such facet. Keeping this in mind, here are ten locations in Fallout: New Vegas that are an absolute treat to explore for a bevy of reasons.

10 Jacobstown

The idea of a ski resort turning into a settlement after the landscape was ravaged by nuclear war is definitely a rather unique notion, but it’s the manner in which Fallout: New Vegas manages to run with this idea that makes Jacobstown one of the most unique areas in the entire game.

What makes this place even better is that the mayor of said area is none other than Marcus — a companion from Fallout 2 whose presence is very much welcome in this title.

9 Camp Searchlight

When the player manages to reach Camp Searchlight, the story that they could uncover in this mysterious, desolate camp will truly serve as one of the more memorable moments in Fallout: New Vegas.

Slowly piecing together the events that unfolded in this camp prior to the arrival of the Courier easily makes for one of the more unique and interesting moments in the entire game by a country mile.

8 Sierra Madre Casino

There are several excellent add-ons and DLC packs for Fallout: New Vegas that make this great game even better, and Dead Money is one such add-on that ends up being an absolute blast due to the wealth of new quality content that ends up getting integrated into this title.

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One such area in this DLC that ends up being a massive highlight is the Sierra Madre Casino, which ends up being a lively and interesting location that can possibly keep the player engaged for hours upon hours.

7 Novac

A town with a giant tyrannosaurus rex status in the middle would definitely make players double-take… especially when they realize that said statue also serves as a watchtower to take care of any uninvited guests or the like.

Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the rather interesting and unique town of Novac — from the quirkiness of its inhabitants to the absolute hilarious manner in which the town was named, Novac is a place that will definitely serve as one of the highlights in the player’s journey across the Mojave Wasteland.

6 Freeside

An area of New Vegas that shows just how far humanity has fallen, roaming around the slum area of Freeside serves as an enlightening — and somewhat disheartening — look into just how desperate society has become after the nuclear apocalypse.

Freeside allows for some of the most entertaining and unique gameplay moments present in the entire game, making for a unique experience that fans won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

5 Nellis Air Force Base

The Boomers are easily one of the most entertaining groups in Fallout: New Vegas and their home base ends up being all that more interesting to explore, as a result.

The Nellis Air Force Base is a prominent location in the game that houses these gun nuts and allows the Courier to interact with these crazy tribals… provided they can survive going through the artillery field, that is.

4 Quarry Junction

It seems that most Fallout games end up having quarries that are memorable for a whole host of reasons. New Vegas is no exception to this golden rule, with the Quarry Junction being one of the more interesting areas to explore in this game.

Of course, the player should ideally have enough firepower to deal with the whole host of deathclaws that have overrun this place… but managing to do so will let the player explore an area that’s full to the brim with goodies and valuable supplies.

3 Camp Guardian

A camp situated on a peak that affords one of the more beautiful views in the entire game — enhanced considerably with the use of mods — Camp Guardian serves as an interesting area to explore in the game.

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While there might be several powerful radscorpions and lakelurks in and around this area, rest assured that cleaning up these enemies and figuring out the story of this area more than makes up for this.

2 Vault 22

The story of Vault 22 is horrifying and serves as a lesson for humanity to stop playing around with Mother Nature — a lesson that people in the world of Fallout have failed to learn time and time again.

With the entire population being infected by fungal spores, Vault 22 is an eerie yet intriguing area that will definitely keep the player on their toes the player at every step of the way as they slowly uncover the terrifying secret of what happened to the denizens of this area.

1 Goodsprings

But of course, it would be impossible to talk about the brilliance of New Vegas without mentioning the first area that players happen to lay their eyes on — the town of Goodsprings.

Leaving Doc Mitchell’s house after getting patched up and embarking on an adventure across the Mojave Wasteland serves as one of the strongest and most memorable introductions of all time, with Goodsprings serving as the perfect starting point of the story as they ingratiate themselves to the mechanics and systems present in Fallout: New Vegas.

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