10 Mistakes Everyone Makes While Playing Grand Theft Auto V

When one talks about some of the greatest video games of all time, it goes without saying that Grand Theft Auto V would be ranked pretty high up in this list. After all, the fact of the matter is that Grand Theft Auto V is easily one of the biggest gaming accomplishments of all time, and one need only look at the sheer wealth of accolades it has received over the course of its illustrious run to understand just how special this title really is.

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So, it’s only a given that people would want to get into this masterpiece sooner rather than later. While it’s rare to find a single person right now who hasn’t played this title yet, this list is for those people who are getting into this title for the very first time and want to have an experience that isn’t frustrating at all, here are ten mistakes that most people make (and one should avoid) while playing Grand Theft Auto V for the very first time.

10 Not Taking Their Time Exploring The Game World

The biggest draw of GTA V is the fact that the game world is enormous and actively welcomes the player to explore as many nooks and crannies as possible.

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People who ignore the detail of the rich and lived-in world around them in favor of powering through the story are definitely gonna find themselves having a bad time indeed.

9 Fiddling Around With The Aiming Systems

The one thing that most people will notice about GTA V is the fact that the aiming is ridiculously easy at times. A flick of an analog stick is the easiest way possible to take out multiple hostiles with the greatest of ease.

People who want to make shooting a more involved experience should definitely check out the settings. Fiddle around with the aiming systems to personalize the experience and maximize their enjoyment with shooting gameplay.

8 Roaming Around With Less Health

While GTA V can be somewhat forgiving, for the most part, that should still not be an excuse for the player to roam around the world without a care for their own well-being.

Autosaves are pretty frequent in the game, but players should still ensure that they have a decent pool of health at all times. They could easily be wiped out at a moment’s notice due to something odd happening in the world.

7 Not Taking Body Armor At Every Given Opportunity

While having full health is a good bonus in and of itself, players who are anticipating an entry into a particularly hostile area should definitely see to it that they also have some body armor on their person.

Having armor in a firefight will prove to be a massive help when it comes to ensuring the chances of succeeding in the mission. It also ups survival chances on some truly challenging combat encounters.

6 Having A Rather Drab And Boring Arsenal

GTA V is all about its weapons, and the game definitely doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the sheer number of weapons that can completely augment one’s offense.

That being said, one should definitely build up a proper arsenal as opposed to just winging it throughout the game. Regular trips to Ammu-Nation are a must to ensure that people are able to have the most fun possible with the game.

5 Barely Exploring The Massive Vehicle Customizations In The Game

One thing that would surprise most people who play GTA V for the first time is the sheer amount of ways in which players can customize cars in the game. It’s nothing short of absolutely immense.

While it might be a somewhat time-consuming process, players should definitely not overlook this part of the game. Players need to hit up the auto shops to customize their ride and speed through the streets of Los Santos at a blistering pace.

4 Customizing The Three Characters And Their Looks

Of course, cars aren’t the only things that are customizable in Grand Theft Auto V. One should also ensure that their characters change their looks multiple times throughout the game so that they always look fresh and unique. With some of the options available, they can even look goofy at times.

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Of course, this is completely optional. However, it doesn’t change the fact that changing a character’s look is definitely an integral experience for players in many ways.

3 Ignoring The Stranger And Freaks Side Missions

GTA V is full to the brim with multiple unique side missions for the characters in the form of the Strangers and Freaks missions.

While initially coming off as nothing more than a distraction of sorts, these missions definitely hide some truly brilliant writing and characters. They’ll keep fans reeling long after they’ve finished these wonderfully-crafted distractions.

2 Switching Around Characters More Often

While people who want to play the game in a quick and impatient manner might have a problem with changing their characters frequently, one can’t deny the fresh take within its multiple protagonist system.

Not only will switching characters around keep things interesting, but it’s also a must in firefights where multiple characters are caught in the thick of it. Failing to do so can lead to a situation where one of the characters dies due to willful ignorance.

1 Playing The Game Carefully And Without Any Reckless Abandon

Perhaps the worst way that one can ruin their experience with Grand Theft Auto V is even bothering to play it safe, literally. Based on the title of this franchise, it’s something that is not recommended in the slightest.

It’s triggering the reactive systems of Grand Theft Auto V such as the wanted system, impromptu races, and everything else along the same lines, that truly makes the game special. People who are too timid to explore the game to the fullest will definitely find themselves having a rather underwhelming experience.

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