10 Logic Memes That Prove Bravely Default 2 Makes No Sense

When it gets right down to it, video games don’t make a lot of sense. How does Mario come back to life after falling in a pit of spikes? Is he dying and being replaced by a clone, or what’s going on there? RPGs, as a genre, may be the worst offenders of all as they are so complicated in designed. Take Bravely Default 2 for example.

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There are a lot of logic holes one, with some so big one could drive a truck through them, which may be bothersome to some. To others, it just comes with the territory. As ridiculous as these things are, they’re also enjoyable through the good old lens of memes. As a precaution, there will be some spoilers ahead.

10 No Time For Side Quests

The Big Bush-Off is a side quest wherein players need to find pigments so that Adelle and Gloria can have a painting contest. The side quest doesn’t have much for rewards but its comedy is well worth seeing. It also points out something funny whether it knows it is doing so or not as demonstrated in this meme. This question is true for a lot of RPGs in other words and not just in this game.

9 Secret Zelda RPG

Will Nintendo ever make a proper RPG with The Legend of Zelda? That series has RPG-like elements but fans have been dreaming of a real turn-based RPG for years now. It worked with Super Mario RPG which is still beloved twenty-five years later.

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It would be cool, but Bravely Default 2 is the next best thing as this meme funnily points out what with the grass whacking. How much is hiding in these grassy forests doesn’t make a whole lot of sense though between how much can be found and the amount.

8 Shine’s Next Thug

This title is an anagram of The Night’s Nexus, the game’s final boss. It is a reference to the anagram Tom Marvolo Riddle made up in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets aka I am Lord Voldemort. The joke here is that this boss cannot die because its memories are preserved in a book. The plot, then, is very reminiscent of that book which is the true joke of this meme. The game never really explains how this book really works, or how it was made. This is to say its power doesn’t make a lot of sense on top of seemingly borrowing from other media.

7 Elvis Is Out

Square Enix did an odd thing in naming Elvis. That is a very obvious homage to the famous singer and yet they took out the Performer Job, which appeared in both previous games. This is weird because the costumes were practically themed off of the real Elvis. They missed a huge opportunity here for some comedic synergy in other words and it doesn’t make sense. 

6 Beastmon

The Beastmaster class is sort of like a Pokemon trainer. It has some cool abilities all its own, from offensive maneuvers to things to equip, but the big reason players might choose to use it is for catching monsters.  Players can catch weakened enemies with the Catch ability. They can then release these monsters for one attack. The question then is how and where are these monsters hiding? 

5 Barefoot Warriors

Some classes don’t make sense in certain contexts in the game. For example, when exploring the snowy, seemingly frigid region of Rimedhal, one would expect the party to freeze in certain outfits. One great example is the Oracle class which has users not wear shoes for some reason. This would also be a terrible class for the volcano dungeon later in the game. 

4 The Boat Lady

There are many things that don’t make sense about the Boat Lady and or the mechanic of sailing in this game. One, it turns out she was Queen Aileen, of the fairies, this whole time. Two, when she dies she is replaced with another old woman but the party never comments on it. It’s as if nothing happened, which this meme is trying to point out. 

3 Rimedhal Invasion

At the end of chapter three, Holograd starts to invade Rimedhal. The party is summoned at once to help impede the invading army. The humorous and or senseless thing about this situation is the fact that players can sleep at the Inn before doing so.

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It would make more sense for someone to use magic to restore HP/MP for the party instead. A nap is useless in an invasion. 

2 Fairy Money

It is said in the game that the fairy folk closed themselves off to the human world years ago. Why then do they still use human money aka pg? One would think they would have their own currency. For that matter, why are they so ready to sell them weapons and armor that presumably were made for fairy folk as well?

1 The Savalon Shopkeeper

The town of Savalon was flooded due to Water Crystal related incidents. That means a majority of the buildings are underwater thus forcing some vendors to work outside like the weapons dealer in town. Yet when players interact with him, his background changes to the familiar background of all other shopkeepers in the game. This is a weird inconsistency in the game

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