10 Horror Game Antagonists Who Suffered The Most Satisfying Deaths, Ranked

Generally, rejoicing in the death of anyone or anything isn’t really looked at as the most morally acceptable kind of thing. However, antagonists in horror games are the absolute worst. Even more so than your usual bad guys.

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While the bad guy in a lot of games might be pretty awful, horror game baddies are next-level-definition-of evil kind of awful. This means it’s totally okay to revel in their deaths, and after the type of hell the protagonist has been through, it’s well deserved! Here are some of the most satisfying, from franchises ranging from Resident Evil to Manhunt

10 Lionel Starkweather (Manhunt)

This death definitely feels like it should be much more rewarding than it is. Given the extreme level of violence in the highly-controversial Manhunt series, it doesn’t feel great to finish the game. It feels gross. Maybe that’s a point towards the game being a statement on violence in video games, but after the endless brutality beforehand, killing the director of the snuff film you’re the star of feels like just another murder.

9 Ruvik (The Evil Within)

Ruvik isn’t necessarily dead, so maybe he doesn’t belong here, but at the same time, it wouldn’t feel right not to mention him. Ruvik is the main antagonist in the game The Evil Within, a survival horror game with some serious psychological depth. Although it seems he’ll always exist in one way or another in “the cloud”, pulling his brain out of the STEM and stomping it feels pretty good after all of the havoc he caused.

8 Mr. X (Resident Evil 2)

Mr. X is pretty terrifying. Whether you’re playing Resident Evil 2 on the PS1 or you’ve gotten your hands on the critically acclaimed remake, Mr. X will prove to be a massive thorn in your side.

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He’s almost continually following the player, regardless of whether they’re doing Leon or Claire’s playthrough. Once the player fires the final rocket, all the hard work avoiding him finally pays off.

7 Nemesis (Resident Evil 3)

Just like Mr. X, the fact that Nemesis is following the player almost entirely throughout the game is terribly annoying. Not only that, but he’s massive, and once he makes his final transformation, there’s really no realistic way to make sure that anyone makes it out of the city alive. As a result, we turn to the old action game standby and pull out the railgun. Having this kinda heavy ordinance to deal with Nemesis makes the whole game worthwhile.

6 Pyramid Head (Silent Hill 2)

While Pyramid Head has shown up more often in media than it should have, the end it meets in the classic Silent Hill 2 is perfect, and that’s how it should have stayed. The creature is specifically the manifestation of one man’s trauma, and therefore probably shouldn’t be appearing anywhere else, especially because they kill each other and disappear when they realize our protagonist no longer needs them.

5 Sullivan Knoth (Outlast 2)

Sullivan Knoth of Outlast 2 is maybe one of the vilest video game antagonists of all time. It’s not exactly his fault given the fact that the radio frequencies all around the town have been spewing some pretty horrible stuff into the populace’s ears.

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It’s probably a fitting end that he slits his own throat, maybe even being aware of the atrocities he’s committed during his time leading the cult.

4 The Tank (Left 4 Dead)

While this isn’t really a traditional horror game antagonist, since Left 4 Dead isn’t really a narrative type of game, bringing down a giant tank is one of the best feelings in the world. The Tank can very easily put an end to a run in the game, and that’s why seeing your name on the top tank damage board at the end of the run is so wonderful. Especially when you’re low on first aid kits and it decides to ambush you right before reaching a safe room.

3 Jack Baker (Resident Evil 7)

Jack Baker is the patriarch of the Sawyer Family-inspired Bakers, the antagonists of Resident Evil 7. The game wears its influences from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on its sleeve, and Jack Baker is no exception.

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Even though he gets up and comes back from the dead a couple of times throughout the game, putting them down for good and knowing you won’t have to keep looking over your shoulder is great.

2 Kendra Daniels (Dead Space)

Kendra Daniels is the main antagonist of the first Dead Space game, and honestly the least scary part. From the necromorphs that are just basic crew members to the waves of zombie babies that get thrown at the player, this game is just kinda terrifying. Watching the poetic justice of the Hive-Mind attacking her after she double-crosses the protagonist for the sake of stealing the marker is perfect.

1 Andrew Ryan (Bioshock)

Bioshock (at least the first one) by all means counts as a horror game. If it isn’t clear from the fact that it’s a spiritual successor to System Shock 2 and the very first interaction with an enemy in the Bathysphere, it becomes abundantly obvious as the game progresses. Who’s the real villain though? Andrew Ryan, founder of Rapture. His political ideas sound noble at the start, but Rapture promptly tears itself apart. Kinda screwed up that his son kills him though.

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