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Destiny 2 has one of the most interesting communities in gaming at the moment. It is fascinating to see a group of gamers who are so niched yet so welcoming to new players at the same time and what better reflection can one find for a community than in their memes? Destiny 2 appeals to a large and diverse demographic of players so one would be hard-pressed to find a meme that was not somewhat relatable to even the most casual of fans.

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With that being said, here are ten Destiny 2 memes that are sure to garner a laugh from anyone who calls themself a Guardian courtesy of r/DestinyMemes on Reddit.

10 Precise Shanks

Any hardened Destiny player knows that bounties are the lifeblood for any Guardian’s progression. Bungie has always been receptive to player feedback and that has helped the studio to evolve the variety of bounties that players can receive. After all, the monotony of daily tasks has to be broken up somehow.

But no fix is infallible as explained by the meme above. Few things are more frustrating than when something so easily accomplished cannot be done because of external circumstances such as being locked in a zone. Precision kills in an area filled with mostly shanks takes longer than it has any right to and that is where true pain dwells.

9 Sunsetting Woes

Ah sunsetting, a term that someone would either not necessarily use as a verb or associate with beautiful sights at a nice beach at dusk. But for Destiny fans, it is a term that evokes either cheers, fear, or both for a new meta sure to come.

Of course, any fan would be sad to see that one of their favorite weapons or pieces of gear was going to be sunsetted to Bungie’s Destiny Content Vault, but one eagle-eyed fan decided to take advantage of the term’s infamy and “make a funny” as it were. Equipping a shader that shares the name with the term and not understanding what all the fuss over it was about is a fun sigh of relief that all fans can crack a smile at.

8 The Holidays of Destiny 2

When holiday events were first introduced into the Destiny franchise, there was hardly anyone who disapproved. They brought with them additional content, new decorations to the tower, fun new activities, and, of course, new loot to earn. But as this meme suggests, Bungie cannot necessarily claim it is consistent with each event.

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Without a doubt, events such as The Dawning, The Festival of the Lost, and the newly introduced Guardian Games have received a great amount of support and attention from the developer. However, other events such as Sparrow Racing League, Crimson Days, and the elusive Revelry events have yet to make outstanding returns. Now, this may have been because data shows they were not all that popular, but clearly, the creator of this meme did not care about that possibility and chose to capitalize with humor instead.

7 Bungie Fans Then vs Now

This meme is not willing to pull its punches but the comedy it creates is difficult to deny. As the internet has only become more accessible in the 21st century and Bungie has taken a more consumer-friendly approach, the idea of more players giving feedback was only an inevitable outcome.

Unfortunately, many who regard the Destiny community from an outside perspective see most of the community’s “feedback” as begging and pandering to Bungie to more easily get the loot they want. The creator of the meme compares this attitude with the pride players felt in unlocking armor in the Halo series, which Bungie made no easy feat back in the day. Unlocking Recon armor in Halo 3 alone was a feat that could take months to complete for most.

6 George’s Falling Guillotine

The Falling Guillotine, as of this writing, is a must-have weapon for PvE in Destiny 2. It is a heavy hitter against anything above a red bar in terms of health especially against the recently introduced mini-bosses known as “Champions.”

There is just something satisfying about George Costanza’s smug face from this Seinfeld screenshot that is exceedingly relatable for anyone who feels like they are about to dominate a situation. Plus, the comical photoshop is comedy gold in itself.

5 The Cabal in the EDZ

One of the great things about a sequel game is what it adds to the overall world of the original game. For example, in Destiny 2, it was interesting to learn that the Cabal sometimes deploys their troops in a sphere-like landing craft that hurtles into the surface of a planet.

This hurtling is sometimes more effective than it seems, as any Guardian who is caught unaware will totally perish if hit directly by a landing squad of Cabal. The meme of the Joker falling with one of these orbs photoshopped in illustrates the random nature of such a death in a beautiful way, especially in Earth’s EDZ.

4 The Darkness Beckons

Destiny 2: Beyond Light was a highly anticipated expansion that scratched the significant itch that always inevitably plagues the most loyal Destiny fans: the desire for more content. The main theme of Beyond Light was the utilization of the antagonistic Darkness as a weapon against it.

One fan decided to take that idea for a theme and create an almost surreal starter pack meme that flawlessly captures the essence of the Beyond Light experience. Ice, Doritos, Bounties, Loot, and Barack Obama Pyramid Salvation. It is all there, ripe for the taking.

3 Eyes Open Guardians

Possibly the meme with the highest echelon of reliability in this article, even the newest Guardians to the Destiny universe quickly realize how obsolete the rare/blue category of weapons become; especially after hitting the base level cap.

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If someone takes the route of being a daily player, the amount of weapon parts they accumulate becomes absurd and their hoard of glimmer soon means that they want for little when it comes to purchasing anything. Tobey Maguire’s take on Peter Parker and his transformation into Spider-Man is a wonderful illustration of this phenomenon.

2 It Wasn’t Just A Cold

It is simply incredible how blurring a simple photo, one snapshot in time, can completely alter the context of what may have actually been going on. Or in some cases, enhance the context of what was going on. This snapshot of Drake serves as a hilarious stand-in to a possible average joe who falls asleep with a “cold” only to wake up in the far future with the power of a Guardian.

It’s confusion. It’s the forcing hand pushing one to go on a journey. It’s the chaos of what is to come for any Guardian who wakes up. All of it comes together to make this meme great.

1 It’s A Trap!

Shen has made quite a name for themselves over the years with their easily “memeable” comics. The sentiment this one captures though earns it the number one spot. For as many fans as the Destiny franchise has, it is not without its detractors. Anyone who has stopped playing or left the community was most likely initially drawn in by this very same situation.

Their friends would have all their time absorbed and when they would jump in to investigate, they too would find themselves trapped by the grind that is Destiny. Of course, the game’s fanbase speaks for itself, and it is hard to deny that Destiny and Destiny 2 are not well-made titles with solid gameplay. The loop is there, it’s just up to each Guardian if they want to continue to participate in it.

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