10 Hilarious Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Memes Only Fans Understand

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released back in 2012. Just like its predecessors, CS:GO has achieved the kind of popularity most games only crave. From gameplay to graphics to the pretty fun online gameplay, all made this Valve Corporation’s title a big success. Thanks to the large community of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it’s still played and discussed worldwide.

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These same people who’ve kept it alive have also made fan films, incredible viral content, and most importantly, memes. Let’s check out how ridiculous these Counter-Strike: Global Offensive memes can be.

10 Well Played

The worst part of playing multiplayer games is that people will call you out or curse if you’re too bad. But on the same hand, if you’re too good, they’ll still do that same. This is a weird sort of a thing, but it happens for real.

At the same time, it’s probably a great feeling to maul through an entire team while asserting dominance. Play good enough, and they’ll think they’re playing with a hacker.

9 Snipers Snipe

There’s just something intensely hilarious about snipers in games that have smaller maps. One such game is Counter-Strike, where snipers at standing in mid-street trying to take one good shot. This, in a real-life scenario, will never work.

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But hilariously it works in the game like a charm. In fact, most pro players in Counter-Strike Global Offensive are pretty good at sniping in short range. Moreover, there’s a whole collection of such amazing kills on YouTube.

8 Go, Plant

Playing a good game of Counter-Strike isn’t always possible when there are newbies on your team. Especially if one of them goes on a plant after being told, “Go, Plant.”

At the same time, there’s nothing funnier than seeing a new player getting their butt handed to them in the middle of a casual game by bots. This is a kind of rite of passage that most new players have to endure, but that’s the charm of playing Counter-Strike.

7 Flash Banged

This thing has happened to the best of players, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of; well, maybe it is. Sometimes, it’s hard to predict where flashbangs will explode. Sometimes, it’s the heat of the moment, but it’s almost guaranteed comedy whenever this happens.

Just in case getting shot by bots wasn’t embarrassing enough, this is the ultimate form of embarrassment that people will have to endure if they throw a fully functioning flashbang in their own face.

6 Guns For Sale

It’s perfectly normal for a multiplayer game to add balance by giving both teams the same stakes of survival. Because otherwise, an elite counter-terrorist unit will carry the kind of weapons that’ll totally overpower the terrorists and that too without paying for it.

However, in good old Counter-Strike, everyone has to pay for weapons. No matter if the player is a terrorist or a counter-terrorist, there’s a price to be paid.

5 Types Of CS: GO Players

Most multiplayer games have a steep learning curve. After all, competitive gaming is all about how much time people put into a game and how much they learn after playing a hundred hours of the same level. But CS:GO is a whole different ball game because the difference between the casual and competitive scenes is too much.

This Spongebob meme explains this discrepancy and the way that Counter-Strike players feel with ease. Fighting bots is a cakewalk, but in competitive, it feels like “what’s even happening?”

4 Evolution Of Multiplayer

Online games are fun when both the teams are balanced, and the players are balanced as well. But the evolution of multiplayer matchmaking hasn’t been the smoothest, to be honest. Many games, including Counter-Strike, still struggle to find the perfect balance when it comes to matchmaking.

It may not be the easiest thing for the developers to nail down, but it’s certainly something that should be paid more attention to in upcoming sequels of popular multiplayer games.

3 Worst Kind Of Headache

If people think stress is a bad feeling, they have no idea what goes through a Counter-Strike player’s mind. Especially if a competitive game is going on and suddenly the internet connection is lost. First, there’s a moment of shock that renders the stress of everything in the world obsolete.

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Then there’s the sudden realization that a perfectly win-able match is now abandoned. Then the volcano erupts in the player’s head, causing a headache that’s unlike anything.

2 What A Shocker

It’s always amazing to learn every bit of your favorite game and be a dominant force. It feels amazing to master that one weapon that’s incredibly hard to use. It’s fun to figure out new strategies to kill your opponents and win countless games for the team.

But, the best moments are those that one doesn’t expect. A random grenade kill can be oddly satisfying for many reasons, but this cat meme depicts it purrfectly.

1 Hackers Attackers

It was all the way back in an Instagram post from 8 November 2016, when the doge meme first appeared in a very odd circumstance. Fast forward to 2021, this meme is the highlight of most YouTube videos and posts across the globe.

From movies to games, the words “He protec, he attac” are always used to build new memes. This doge meme has grown to the point that it can even be used for depicting hackers in Counter-Strike.

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