10 Hidden Details You Probably Missed In Persona 5 Strikers

In February 2021, Persona 5 Strikers was released outside of Japan to fan and critic acclaim. This sequel serves as a worthy follow-up to 2017’s Persona 5continuing the Phantom Thieves’ journey. With hearts changing across the country, the team comes together to help people across the country. It’s up to Joker and his friends to save the citizens of Japan.

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Atlus’ latest creation is filled with the same detail that its predecessor boasts. With such an expansive experience to explore, it’s easy to miss some of the detail that the developers put into this adventure. Here are just a few of those details that users may have overlooked during their time with Persona 5 Strikers.

10 Demiurge’s Domain

The game’s final dungeon houses yet another false god. Strikers’ nefarious diety is Demiurge. This spirit trying to follow in the footsteps of Yaldabaoth by stealing the hearts of the masses once more. Not only does this god share the same ambition, but she creates a domain that looks almost identical to Mementos.

The original Phantom Thieves make a brief comment about the dungeon’s look, leaving Sophie and Zenkichi in the dark. Interestingly enough, only those who were present in Persona 5‘s final battle remember this setting.

9 Morgana’s Scuttle Run

One of the biggest changes in Persona 5 Strikers is the new battle system. Here, the Phantom Thieves participate in real-time combat, and players can control each member in and out of battle. Each character controls differently, and Morgana’s movement is some of the most unique.

Morgana shimmies around the stages with his tiny paws tapping the ground. He even has an alternate running animation. Those who tap the sprint button when they’re controlling Morgana will see his feet turn into a dust cloud that spins as he scuttles along. It’s an adorable detail for the loveable team mascot.

8 Ichinose Vs. Futaba

Before Persona 5 Strikers, there wasn’t anyone who understood the workings of cognition in the Metaverse like Futaba. She’s often seen hacking through blockades in Palaces and Jails. For the majority of the series, her prowess goes unchallenged. That changes when Kuon Ichinose is introduced.

This genius has learned the machinations of the Metaverse just like Futaba. The two are pitted against each other in a battle late in the game while Joker’s swarmed by enemies. With so much happening on the screen, it can be easy to miss the dialogue between Ichinose and Futaba in the background.

7 Ryuji And Ann Moments

With the option to romance other members stripped away in this Persona entry, players can see the buds of romance between several members in the Phantom Thieves that go unimpeded. One of these romantic pairings lies with Ryuji and Ann. Players will notice several moments where the two are in closer quarters than the rest of the team.

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Ann makes several comments signaling that she’s impressed with the maturity her fellow Phantom Thief displays, and there’s even a moment where Skull protects Panther from enemies, acting as her shield. While there isn’t an outright confirmation that the two are a pair, it’s a great detail for those interested in character pairings.

6 The Girls Take The RV At Night

On their trip through Japan, the Phantom Thieves take an RV through the country. With both guys and girls on this trip, they have a precarious time choosing how sleeping will work. The girls end up taking the RV inside at night for bed, while the boys are forced to sleep on the RV’s metal roof in a tent.

With only one scene mentioning this agreement, it’s easy to miss. With such an uncomfortable living arrangement for the guys, it’s shocking that players don’t hear more complaints about pain from Joker, Ryuji, Yusuke, or Morgana.

5 The Phantom Thieves Have Their Base Personas

Persona 5 Strikers introduces horde battles reminiscent of Dynasty Warriors. Joker and his friends take on armies of shadows in real-time fights. Another change that players may notice in this Persona 5 sequel is the party’s Personas’ remission.

Joker still wields Arsene, his first Persona, as do his friends. These weaker Personas are stylish but not as strong as the evolved Personas that players got near the base game’s end as a reward for bonding with their friends.

4 Igor’s Absence

Another missing cast member in this sequel is Igor, the proprietor of the Velvet Room. As an integral character in the franchise as a whole, it’s strange to see a Persona game without him in it. Lavenza still oversees Persona fusion, but she doesn’t comment on her master’s absence.

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Players know that Joker helped free the true Igor at the end of Persona 5, so players can assume that he’s still safe, but his presence was sorely missed in this sequel.

3 Akira Konoe’s Ultraman Costume

One of the game’s major antagonists, Akira Konoe, is a huge fan of superheroes. When Joker and his team make their way through his Jail, they find out that he was a fan of an obscure superhero show in Japan. Because the Power Rangers are already referenced elsewhere, the developers aren’t referencing this famous group in this instance.

The figure that appears in his jail and the costume he dons in battle should be eerily familiar to those who know Ultraman. This superhero is much bigger in Japan than the rest of the world, so it’s very possible Atlus was using this character as Akira’s inspiration.

2 Sophia’s Nickname For Morgana

Those familiar with Morgana know how much he hates being called a cat. He often berates his friends for referring to him as a feline. When Sophia is introduced, she’s confused by Morgana’s disdain for the term and eventually starts to call him by his name instead.

After she starts to form a bond with the team, she does start to make jokes that poke fun at Morgana by giving him the ridiculous nickname “Meowgana.” The nickname is close enough to his name that players could miss this comment if they skim the text. As often as Sophia uses this name, it’s obvious that she’s aware of how much it irks her new friend.

1 Morgana Hiding In Joker’s Kimono

Another adorable moment in the story sees Morgana using Joker’s Kimono as a pouch for him to rest in. When the group goes to a festival, he tags along with Joker, blending into his outfit’s dark design. It’s a cute moment that’s over in a flash but well worth a second glance.

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