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There are some great games out there. The Witcher series, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Dark Souls are just a few that fans have gone nuts for. These games stood above others as some of the best over the years. There are these games, and then there are the ones that don’t quite meet the expectations of the player base.

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These games were promised to do great things, reach places unknown, yet failed to amuse the masses and ended up fading into the unknown. That isn’t to say they couldn’t have made a comeback, but the initial attempt failed miserably.

10 Anthem

EA came to the fans with what appeared to be an amazing game, Anthem. A game where players flew around in exo-suits around a large, open map. They could complete dungeons and raids and even explore the world for secrets. Every trailer that released hyped the game up even more, but that all changed when the release date rolled around. Anthem was met with poor and mid-ranged reviews. For a game that promised so much there was very little to do. The weapons all shared similar models and the story was over in the blink of an eye.

9 No Man’s Sky

A list like this couldn’t exist without No Man’s SkyA.K.A. the game that became an overnight joke. The developers made promise after promise for this game, but the release offered almost none of the features. The planets didn’t catch the player’s eye because there was nothing on any of them. Lack of gameplay became a joke, and a bug existed that made the game unplayable. Luckily, No Man’s Sky did make a comeback years later and the player base is slowly coming back to it, but some are still skeptical given the disastrous release.

8 Destiny

The original Destiny game will always be remembered for not being able to explain why it doesn’t have time to explain. Of course, that’s a paraphrase, but anyone who played the game will remember the line from the Exo Stranger as she continued to talk for a long time after muttering the line. This game quickly became boring after completing the campaign for the repetitive gameplay and lack of things to do. There is a reason for this since the development team split halfway through the creation. Luckily Destiny 2 has filled the void for players who wished to continue the post-Halo saga.

7 Fortnite

Many players forget that Fortnite isn’t what it originally was. Many players believe that the beloved battle royale game was always that, a battle royale. Originally, Fortnite released on disc with a survival mode that was a mix between crafting and zombie survival.

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The original mode was called Fortnite: Save The World and it didn’t last long as the battle royale mode quickly became every gamer’s favorite part. Now, players can’t go anywhere without reading about the game, and V-Bucks are bought up everywhere. The world of the battle royale mode is constantly shifting and bringing in new characters as well through crossovers.

6 Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars: Battlefront was a favorite game for many people growing up. Fans of the universe remember it as an accomplishment of the time, then EA got their hands on the Star Wars franchise and started rebooting the beloved series. No Star Wars game is as remembered as the disastrous Battlefront II. Yes, the game succeeded where the first reboot didn’t, but then it got worse as players quickly realized that the pay-to-win aspect of the game was completely unfair. Because of this, many gamers ended up boycotting EA and swearing off their games for at least a year.

5 Fallout 76

Fallout 76 was set up to be the next big release for Bethesda back in 2018. The game quickly became known as a failure after its release for horrible connection issues and a lackluster world that left nothing to the imagination. Gamers complained about the nonexistent human NPCs that were replaced by robots and audio recordings. Players were expected to fill the void and interact with one another. This happened on occasion, but many were prone to killing each other. Since the release, Bethesda has added human NPCs and even brought back the Brotherhood of Steel.

4 Assassin’s Creed Unity

Assassin’s Creed Unity had high expectations thanks to its predecessor Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. The game launched with tons of bugs that were unexpected from the series. Connection issues, blank-faced NPCs, and slow frame rates were just a few of the problems that players experienced. On top of the performance issues, players didn’t like the repetitive gameplay and slow story. The French Revolution-era game was meant for great things, but will ultimately be remembered as one of the worst in the series.

3 Mass Effect: Andromeda

Many players were disappointed with the story of Mass Effect 3 so when Andromeda was announced many fans were hoping it would be a step up for the series. The opposite turned out to be true as many fans ended up disliking the game to a great extent.

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The game released with many problems like a poor story and lack of facial animations. Players were upset that the game didn’t meet their expectations many ended up returning their copies. Maybe they can make their mistake right in the future.

2 Overkill’s The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has disappointed fans in the past with Survival Instincts, but that didn’t stop fans from getting excited about Overkill’s The Walking Dead. Critics of the game said that it was in need of some much-needed updating, but those updates never came. The game was released on Steam for a short time, but unfortunately, console players never got to get their hands on it. It’s a shame that this game never got the attention that it deserved. Maybe they will get another chance in the future.

1 Cyberpunk 2077

The newest disappointment to fans is obviously Cyberpunk 2077. For many years, CD Projekt Red was leading players to believe the game would be a smash hit. Marketing campaigns brought tons of attention to the game. Multiple setbacks pushed the release date further away and fans only grew more anxious. When the game finally released fans were joyous of the occasion. That is until they saw what a mess the game was. Tons of bugs plagued the release of Cyberpunk and the last-gen console versions were nearly unplayable. The release went so badly that the game was pulled from the Playstation store and many gamers ended up getting refunds.

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