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Few could’ve predicted the explosive popularity of The Simpsons. Springfield is a microcosm of the United States. Although Springfield’s exact location has never been revealed in the series, fanatics have tried to guess for years. Ultimately, Springfield’s location is impossible to pinpoint, given the show’s many contradicting statements.

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The Simpsons’ stores work into the plot of episodes but might appear randomly for comedic purposes. Springfield is an ever-growing city that serves as the setting for The Simpsons. With some store names being parodies or puns of real-world places, there is plenty of subject matter to laugh at.

10 Moe’s Express

Moe’s tavern, also known as Moe’s, is your typical dank pit where everybody knows your name. Moe tells his employees that the Express part of the name is the expression of hatred towards customers.

To see Moe Syslak startup a bar in a food court is comedic relief. Moe’s Express is a miniature version of Moe’s Tavern. Fewer regulars come to this bar, and we have yet to see very many people visit it. Nevertheless, the idea of Moe starting up an express bar is comedy genius.

9 Toys Were US

The name Toys Were Us is a poke at the fact Toys “R” Us filed for bankruptcy. This joke might not be as relevant since Toys “R” Us is steadily making a return from being an unprofitable company.

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The Toys “R” Us toys, clothing, and baby product retailer has been featured in The Simpsons more than once. At another retail location, Moe Syzlak reversed the R in the name to signify a store’s closing.

8 General Chang’s Taco Italiano

First appearing in the tenth episode of season 19, titled E. Pluribus Wiggum, General Chang’s Taco Italiano is a highly unorthodox taco restaurant. The blend of Italian, Chinese, and Mexican food could either be delicious or a horrible combination. The restaurant was destroyed along with the surrounding buildings after Homer ignited a gas line, causing a chain reaction explosion. The idea of three different cultures coming together for one restaurant in The Simpsons’ Fast Food District is an idea worth entertaining.

7 33 Cent Store

First appearing in the episode Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo, this is a store that sells everything for 33 cents. While the idea of buying items for a bargain may seem worthwhile, some of the items in the story shouldn’t be that cheap. Cool ranch soda, plankton, onions, and the green dress that Marge wears can be bought for 33 cents. Fittingly, some of the items at this store are up for sale, despite having expired over two years ago. Interestingly enough, the 33 Cent Store sign is shaped like Kansas.

6 I Can’t Believe It’s A Law Firm

Of course, where there is a lawful matter, the shady lawyer Lionel Hutz is not far behind. This store was previously known as The Law Offices of Lionel Hutz but was later renamed. It’s also a shoe repair shop, and it’s one of the least popular places in Springfield. Despite its bad reputation, the Simpsons have used Lionel Huts as their attorney on several occasions. He attracts new clients by offering freebies like a fake pearl necklace, smoking monkeys, or scotch. If you want to get a hold of “I Can’t Believe It’s a Law Firm!,” dial KLondike 5-LAWW.

5 Stoner’s Pot Palace

This store’s first appearance was in the episode A Milhouse Divided. Its name can be viewed as misleading since it is merely a kitchenware story and nothing else. “Man, that is flagrant false advertising,” exclaims Otto, who leaves angrily as he exits the store. In The Simpsons Guide to Springfield, it is suggested that many of Springfield’s residents are misled by the Stoner’s Pot Palace’s name.

4 Kwik-E-Mart

Countless The Simpsons events are related to the Kwik-E-Mart. Although you never see more than few people in the store at a time, many of Springfield’s residents have been spotted in the store on occasion. The store is a parody of places like 7-Eleven and Cumberland Farms, making a mockery of the convenience stores’ stereotypes.

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The Simpsons actor Hank Azaria previously stated that he will no longer voice Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, the owner of the Kwik-E-Mart. Nonetheless, the Kwik-E-Mart is an irreplaceable part of the show.

3 In ‘N’ Out Ear Piercing

With the motto, “If it dangles, we’ll punch a hole in it,” In ‘N’ Out Ear Piercing is one of the funniest store names. This piercing store has no remorse over giving its customers, old or young, a piercing. As long as it dangles, In ‘N’ Out Ear Piercing will provide you with a piercing you won’t easily forget. In ‘N’ Out Ear Piercing is a parody of the fast-food store name In-N-Out Burger.

2 Eye Caramba

This store’s name is a pun for one of The Simpsons‘ most memorable catchphrases. Bart says, “¡Ay, caramba!” when expressing surprise or discomfort for a situation. The phrase is also used in the Springfield Mall as a name for the optical clinic. After Homer visits Eye Caramba for experimental eye surgery, his eyes crust over, and he is taken advantage of by teenagers into buying them cigarettes and liquor.

1 The Leftorium

The concept of a store for left-handed people is either genius or ridiculous. Ned Flanders quit being a pharmaceutical company clerk to open The Leftorium. A whole episode titled When Flanders Failed is dedicated to the store’s opening. In conclusion, The Leftorium becomes a raging success after Homer managed to get every southpaw in town to visit the store.

Creator Matt Groening is left-handed, which is part of the inspiration for the episode. Later in The Simpsons, the Leftorium was downsized to an express stall. Even later, the store closed due to more online shoppers.

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