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Behind all the hype for the release of Resident Evil 8, fans may be missing some crucial details about the Resident Evil storyline that have been sitting right under their noses. Resident Evil 7 had tons of small details that connect the seemingly stand-alone storyline of the Baker family to the rest of the Resident Evil universe.

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The Baker residence may look disheveled and left in a bit of disarray but rest assured that there are details and easter eggs worth looking for. After a bit of digging, Ethan can uncover lots of secrets that most players may have first overlooked in their haste to flee a pursuing molded or an angry Jack. Here are a few secrets some players may have missed on their first run of the game.

10 Fighting Street

Capcom is known for hiding subtle easter eggs in their games that give a nod to their previous releases. While in the Baker household, if the player decides to make Ethan take a break for a quick read, they may notice a particular book that stands out.

Among the bookshelf is a book titled “Fighting Street” which is a subtle nod to Capcom’s Street Fighter series. This particular easter egg has double the value as “Fighting Street” isn’t simply a switch up on the Street Fighter name, it was also the name of the PC port of the first game in the Street Fighter series.

9 Resident Evil Dead

It’s no secret that Resident Evil 7 was heavily inspired by the 80’s horror film Evil Dead. Fans with a keen eye may have caught on after seeing the similarities between the car in the feature film and Ethan’s car he takes on his trip to Dulvey, Louisiana (which is later seen in Ethan’s boss battle with Jack).

However, the similarities don’t stop there. The inspiration from the film is seen in multiple places throughout the game. One notable reference is seen in the “Sewer Gators” van parked outside the Baker residence. The words “JOIN US” are written on a pamphlet found inside the van; which is a phrase Evil Dead was rather known for repeating. Another reference is found in Jack’s second boss battle where he mutters “groovy” to himself after picking up the chainsaw, to which Ethan will reluctantly say, “that is not groovy!”

It’s also no coincidence that both Resident Evil 7 and Evil Dead feature female leads with the name “Mia” as well!

8 Severed Leg

This particular cutscene isn’t for the weak-hearted. Similar to the cutscene in which the possessed Mia chainsaws poor Ethan’s arm off, there is a random encounter the player can run into with Jack. This particular cutscene is still a secret to many players as it’s by chance that the player will trigger it.

Jack, after severing Ethan’s leg off with a shovel, will taunt him; encouraging Ethan to push through and crawl towards him for a healing item to try and reattach his limb. Ethan will then simply put his leg back on with the help of his first aid med and Jack will continue to pursue him.

Rather nice of Jack to wait for Ethan to get back on his feet for a fair fight!

7 Clive O’Brian’s Return As An Author

While roaming the Baker household, the player can run into an inspectable box of disheveled books. Once examined, it reveals that former B.S.A.A. Agent, Clive O’Brian has turned to writing after his retirement. Clive O’Brian, making his first appearance in Resident Evil: Revelations, was the former B.S.A.A. Director.

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This isn’t the only little glimpse into the lives of previous Resident Evil characters; an article in “The Dulvey Daily” newspaper written by Raccoon City reporter, Alyssa Ashcroft, from Resident Evil Outbreak is also a small detail left for players to find as well.

6 George Trevor’s Company

Ethan made a great point when he asked himself “who builds this?” when going through the strangely intricate twists and turns of the secret passageways within the Baker home. Luckily for Ethan, the player eventually does get the answer to this question!

After doing a bit of digging in the attic, there’s a paper that once inspected reveals the contractor of the house is none other than the famous George Trevor himself; or rather, a company under his name. The architect of the Spencer Mansion featured in the first Resident Evil game, George Trevor seems to have his name live on; for better or for worse. After his untimely death at the hands of Spencer himself, it seems as if his company is still continuing in his name all while hiding the horrible truth.

5 The Arklay Mountains

Another subtle callback to the original Resident Evil is this seemingly simple picture hung in the main hall of the house. At first, it seems like just another run-of-the-mill picture to add decoration to make the house feel more lived in; however, after inspecting it, the player then realizes it is actually a picture depicting the Arklay Mountains, the location of the first game.

This serves as a clue to how the Bakers ended up in contact with Trevor’s company for their home renovations in the first place. Perhaps they knew of the Spencer Mansion and its incredibly ornate architecture and felt inspired to model their own home after it?

4 Resident Evil 3 Inventory Sound

An incredibly small detail and definitely one that’s easy to miss is the little easter egg that calls back to Resident Evil 3. During the section of the game where Ethan must then deal with Lucas and his Saw-like traps, he comes across a keypad. Simple at first, but dedicated fans will recognize that the sounds the keypad makes are eerily similar to that of the sounds when organizing Jill’s inventory in the original 1993 Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

3 Biohazard Vs. Resident Evil

The series Western audiences have known and loved throughout the years as Resident Evil is actually a reworked name. It’s originally known in Japan as “Biohazard” and had its title changed when being brought in overseas.

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Capcom finally decided to bridge the gap between the two nuances and made the subtitle for each game its respective counterpart; having the Western title as “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard” and the Japanese release title as “Biohazard 7: Resident Evil“. Luckily for the art and graphics team over at Capcom, the “7” within each title fit perfectly with both names!

2 Interesting Architecture

This particular easter egg is rather debatable with fans split on the idea of this being an intentional nod to Umbrella or simply a coincidence in architecture.

Just outside of Zoe’s trailer, a window can be seen when looking up at the house. The shape and design of the window seem to stand out as it looks eerily similar to a cut in half version of the Umbrella logo; the pharmaceutical company responsible for the t-Virus outbreak in the second game.

Ultimately it’s for fans to decide and decipher; was this intentional or not and if it was, does this mean Ethan’s encounter with the Bakers was planned all along? Or maybe this was the game’s way of hinting players about the revelation of Blue Umbrella?

1 Sweet Home Homage

Resident Evil wouldn’t have gotten to the point it is at now without the release of Capcom’s 1989 game, Sweet Home. The NES game had an incredible impact on the series, having a heavy influence on multiple Resident Evil titles.

Resident Evil 7 pays homage to its main source of inspiration and dedicated the entire sequence seen in the game’s demo to Sweet Home and its story. Resident Evil 7‘s sequence featuring the Sewer Gators, a film crew exploring a seemingly abandoned house, was directly inspired by Sweet Home‘s plot of a similar situation.

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