10 Characters That Can Defeat Naruto (In An Eating Contest)

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One of his quirks which has nothing to do with his fighting styles or empathy is his voracious appetite, an appetite which is almost exclusive to ramen. He’s even named after the pink-swirled fish cake which is a common ingredient in ramen. But which other anime characters could beat Naruto in an eating contest?

10 Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z)

Vegeta’s known to be a bit complicated. Saiyans are notoriously heavy eaters, and Vegeta is no exception to the rule. Though he isn’t quite as famous as Goku for his appetite, he still eats more than enough to beat Naruto in an eating contest.

Another point for Vegeta is his competitive nature. He would never let a kid like Naruto beat him in anything, even if it’s just an eating contest. Even if there are others with bigger stomachs than him, his pride means he wins this contest any day.

9 Choji (Naruto)

The only character from Naruto who could out-eat the hero. Choji is known for his appetite, and always makes sure food is readily at hand. He’s rarely seen without his trademark bag of chips.

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Choji doesn’t only eat chips though, and is partial to yakiniku, a Japanese take on Korean barbecue. The massive quantities he eats and that he’s always hungry means he could probably beat Naruto in an eating contest, even if it were a ramen one.

8 Ling (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)

Ling is the prince of a faraway land who travels to Amestris to find the secret to immortality. Along the way he bumps into Edward Elric, who then funds the food for the rest of Ling’s expedition (unwillingly).

Ling exploits this through ordering a massive amount of food, then ditching so Edward is forced to pay for all of it. He does this a lot, and eats food in huge quantities along the way. Despite the fact that he’s a prince, he just can’t keep up with his own stomach. He most likely could outeat Naruto in any sort of eating contest.

7 Hawk (Seven Deadly Sins)

Hawk is a literal pig who can talk. As the pig of the Deadly Sins, one of his jobs is to eat leftovers, scraps, and failed cooking experiments, mostly courtesy of Meliodas.

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Although Naruto is fully capable of eating a massive amount of ramen, he doesn’t exactly stand next to the chef and eating scraps all day. It has to be assumed that Hawk could probably beat Naruto in an eating contest, no problem whatsoever.

6 Fuu (Samurai Champloo)

One of the protagonists in Samurai Champloo, a great starter anime. Fuu is a broke wanderer in Edo Japan. As such, opportunities for good, nourishing food is hard to come by, and Fuu takes advantage of every food opportunity that presents itself.

Fuu would definitely give Naruto a run for his money in an eating contest. Despite her diminutive size, Fuu is shown several times to eat her weight in delicious food. The trio of Fuu, Mugen, and Jin stumble across an eating contest, which they enter just to get a meal. Fuu surprises the crowd by eating far more than her male companions, and only loses the contest because of a technicality with a fly.

5 Sasha Braus (Attack on Titan)

Sasha’s love of food is so acute that her nickname is “Potato Girl”. Her love for food isn’t just limited to potatoes, but rather in how different types of food come together to create something delicious.

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Sasha has been caught stealing bread and meat. The night before retaking the wall had Sasha in a frenzy over the meat on offer, to the point where her comrades had to tie her up. Her love of food comes from her upbringing where there often wasn’t enough to eat. Nevertheless, she makes up for it whenever it’s available, and makes her love of meat known to all who love her. Sasha is due to appear in the Attack on Titan Final Season.

4 Chihiro’s Parents (Spirited Away)

Studio Ghibli is known for their beautiful animated movies, which are perfect for families. The studio is also known for their lush and detailed depictions of food. There are a number of moments in Spirited Away where food is lauded, but it’s right at the beginning of the movie where these characters come in.

Chihiro’s parents find a stall laden with a feast, where they sit down and dig in. They eat so much, in fact, that they actually turn into pigs. Naruto might have eaten a fair bit of ramen in his time, but he’s never eaten so much that he turned into a pig. The parents become pigs as a punishment for eating the food meant for the spirits, and are sent to a sty to eat with the other pigs.

3 Natsu (Fairy Tail)

As with many other shounen characters, Natsu, the protagonist of Fairy Tail, is energetic, wild, and unpredictable. He is also often seen with a plate of food in his hands, and takes advantage of all food he comes across.

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Aside from human food, Natsu will happily eat the abnormal. Natsu’s stomach is something of an anomaly, considering he can literally eat fire. His range for what counts as food is far and wide, and could take his contemporary on in an eating contest any day.

2 No Face (Spirited Away)

No Face features in Spirited Away‘s second food display, where he showers the bathhouse workers with tons of gold and receives the very best food of the bathhouse in return. The scenes that follow are both gorgeous and grotesque.

The amount of food No Face eats is staggering – far beyond that of a human, even a shinobi. No Face would win any eating contest, and then ask for dessert. No Face might be a bit of an unfair contender, considering he’s a spirit, but the fact of the matter is he’d easily defeat even Naruto’s appetite in an eating contest.

1 Gluttony (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)

Gluttony is a homunculus who more than lives up to his name, particularly in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. His tattoo is on his tongue, a representation of the sin for which he is named.

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Gluttony is always hungry and eats in two different ways. The first being the normal way, through his mouth, which can stretch wide enough to eat people whole. The second way is when his belly opens into a literal black hole which sucks in everything in range, and transports them to another dimension inside his belly. Sorry, Naruto, you’re going to lose this one every time.

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