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Red Dead Redemption 2‘s online community is continuing to grow. Despite being released more than two years ago, the gunslinger RPG is attracting more and more players due to several updates to the game’s PvP modes. Gamers that have completed most of the campaign are moving over to the competitive side of the game.

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New and returning players will need to adjust their gameplay style before switching over to PvP. There are a host of mistakes beginners make when playing PvP, and this list will outline ten of the biggest.

10 Using Default Settings For PvP

Before playing PvP, every gamer should be optimizing their settings for online gameplay. Players that use the default settings will be at an inherent disadvantage. There are three main settings that gamers need to change. The important settings can be accessed in the menu under controls. Look and aim sensitivity should be set to at least 50 percent. Players that are comfortable at higher sensitivities in other shooters can increase the bar to 75 percent or higher.

Next, gamers should set their aim/look acceleration to 100 percent. This will improve aim down sight time and target acquisition. Dead zone should be set anywhere from 0 to 25 percent, depending on the player’s controller dead zone. The final crucial setting is under accessibility. Players should have Running Mode set to Toggle to Run. This setting will allow players to tap the running button to sprint instead of holding it down.

9 Using Stock Ammunition

Those that play Red Dead PvP will need to upgrade their rounds to compete with higher-level players. Specifically, they will want to be using the Split Point rounds which are unlocked at level 28.

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Players can purchase the Split Point pamphlet from a fence and read it to unlock the rounds. These rounds will give players more damage per bullet and extra experience points for using special ammo.

8 Equipping The Wrong Ability Cards

Ability cards play a huge role in Red Dead online PvP. In online play, gamers will have one active ability and three passive abilities. The ability card slots are unlocked every ten levels, so all four are unlocked at level 40. Each ability card can be upgraded as well, to increase recovery or damage for example. Far too many players disregard the importance of having the best ability cards, and few people upgrade them frequently enough. In PvP, there is a specific setup that players should be using to win more gunfights, which is listed below:

  • Paint it Black (Active): While Dead Eye is active, targets will be painted onto enemies
  • Come Back Stronger: Health regenerates quicker after taking damage
  • Peak Condition: Inflict more damage while the stamina bar is at 75 percent or higher
  • Winning Streak: Inflict more damage with each successful shot

7 Not Wrapping Weapons

Every gun in Red Dead will deteriorate over time. Players will have to clean their guns periodically as a result. Adding a wrap to a gun will slow down the rate that the weapon breaks down. The wraps only cost $40 and make maintenance of each weapon much less tiresome.

6 Mistiming The Dodge

The jump or dodge is the most effective evasive maneuver gamers can perform in Red Dead Online PvP. Many new and inexperienced players will use it as soon as they see an enemy. However, this is the incorrect way to utilize the dodge.

Players should use the jump after an enemy has used theirs. The enemy will have trouble spotting the player after exiting the animation and will be an easy target for the person that dodged second. Timing is extremely important in PvP matches, and players need to use the dodge as a counter-attack.

5 Not Using Deadeye

Deadeye is not as useful in PvP, but it should be used. While there is no slowdown effect with deadeye like in PVE, using it will paint enemies for a short period. When combined with the Paint it Black ability card, gamers can paint multiple enemies and they will stay painted for a longer period.

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Each kill will refill the Deadeye meter, so getting more kills will keep the ability active. By combining Deadeye with Slow and Steady, players will be able to take a ton of damage before dying. The combination is definitely worth a try.

4 Sleeping On The Bow

The bow is one of the most incredible weapons in the game for a multitude of reasons. The base bow is a one-shot kill to the head, and it fires relatively quickly. After leveling up, outlaws will be able to craft arrows that will kill enemies with one shot to the torso. The bow with upgraded arrows is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Using the bow will also allow players to use stealth tactics, as the weapon has no tracer and generates limited audio.

3 Slow Strafing

New players often make the mistake of strafing without jogging to increase movement speed. By pressing the A button on Xbox or the X button on PlayStation, people will be able to strafe two times faster. In a game defined by 1v1 gunfights, players should be using all of the tricks in the book to become a more difficult target to hit.

2 Using Clunky Rifles

In essentially any PvP mode, Red Dead Online players will want to be using the Varmint rifle. The gun is a headshot machine with a fast fire rate. Players need to be hitting headshots, however, as the weapon will take multiple chest shots to kill opposing players. The Varmint rifle is effective because it does not have a bolt or rechamber delay like many of the other long-range weapons in Red Dead.

1 Shooting Players At Point Plank Range

When gamers are only within a few meters of an opponent, they should be trying to complete an execution. This is especially true with clueless or AFK enemies. The execution rewards at least 25xp per kill, which is much better than a standard kill. Executing enemies will help players rank up faster to unlock more guns and ability cards.

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