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The Transformers franchise has captured the hearts of many over the years. Since its start as a cartoon show many years ago, it has amassed a very dedicated fanbase. The movie adaptations were a huge hit and everyone was excited to see their favorite character come to life in high quality 3D. After the battle against Quintessa, fans are eagerly anticipating the next movie.

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The movies are rife with exciting and intense battle scenes, where the Autobots fight for the fate of the world. Some of these fights are so exhilarating many fans have rewatched the movies just to see them. Here, we’ll countdown the top 10 best fights in The Transformers movies.

10 The Last Knight: Optimus Prime VS Infernocus

The Autobots, Cade and the US forces stormed Cybertron to prevent Quintessa from destroying Earth. They fought bravely but were pinned down. Optimus rode in on a dragon transformer and took on Infernocus. After he attacked it, it split into several other transformers in an effort to outnumber Optimus. This proved to be a bad decision as Optimus decapitated all of them with a single swing of his sword. This fight was brief but impressive. Hopefully, fans will get to see more of Prime’s awesomeness in the next movie.

9 Transformers: Optimus Prime VS Megatron

In the battle over possession of the AllSpark, the US Army faced off against the Decepticons. The army was seriously outmatched but was able to put up a fight. Optimus challenged Megatron and the two fought a very difficult battle. The two basically beat each other up until a precise airstrike turned the tide. Sam was able to fuse the AllSpark with Megatron and the excess energy destroyed both the cube and Megatron.

8 Revenge Of The Fallen: Optimus Prime VS Megatron & The Fallen

In the final showdown between the US Army, the Autobots and the Decepticons, Optimus Prime was out of commission. When he was revived by Sam using The Matrix Of Leadership, he fused with the components of an ex-Decepticon known as Jetfire and became a serious powerhouse.

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He quickly flew to the pyramid, destroyed the weapon, and engaged The Fallen and Megatron. Megatron was quickly and literally blasted out of the fight and sustained critical damage. Optimus then proceeded to completely demolish The Fallen and win the battle.

7 Revenge Of The Fallen: Optimus Prime VS Megatron, Starscream & Grindor

This was quite the battle. After Sam was captured by the Decepticons in order to extract information from his brain, Optimus and Bumblebee came to his rescue. They fought from a factory to a forest – it was quite intense. At first, Optimus seemed to be dominating Megatron. Megatron had no choice but to call for backup and in comes flying, Starscream and Grindor. They fought hard but Optimus was able to hold his own. In a final charge, Optimus cut off Starscream’s arm and ripped Grindor’s head apart. Megatron came up from behind and stabbed Optimus.

6 Dark Of The Moon: Optimus Prime VS Sentinel Prime VS Megatron

After destroying Shockwave, Optimus took on Sentinel. The fight was going either way for some time until Sentinel gained the upper hand and ripped off Optimus’ right arm and stabbed him in the chest. Before Sentinel could deliver the final blow, Megatron came barging in and began tearing Sentinel to pieces. After that Optimus Prime seized the opportunity and killed Megatron after which he blasted Sentinel who was on the ground in the face. Optimus Prime was the last one standing after this gruesome 3-way fight.

5 Age Of Extinction: Optimus & Cade VS Lockdown

During a battle with man-made transformers, Optimus Prime went to faceoff with Lockdown the bounty hunter. After finding Lockdown, the fight begun with both sides beating each other up. Cade came to help but was rudely interrupted by a man from the CIA. Optimus took a moment to save Cade by shooting the man dead. Lockdown was able to pin Optimus to the wall with his sword. Cade joined the fray and fired shots at Lockdown to distract him while his daughter and her boyfriend freed Optimus who quickly killed lockdown.

4 Age Of Extinction: Autobots And Dinobots Charge

When the city was under attack by the man-made transformers, Optimus Prime went to find reinforcements. The Dinobots that had been captured by Lockdown were freed and after forcefully convincing them to fight, the Autobots rode them into battle.

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They destroyed anything that got in their way, Optimus was slicing and shooting his way through enemy forces and so were the other Autobots. Their arrival evened the playing field as Cade and his companions were out of ammo before they came.

3 Dark Of The Moon: Bumblebee VS Decepticons

During the battle of Chicago, the Autobots were captured by soundwave and other Decepticons. The Decepticons executed one Autobot and were about to execute Bumblebee as well when pieces of an airship fell at their location. This served as a distraction and Bumblebee had the chance to take on his captors in a fight to the death. Bumblebee was able to overpower several Decepticons and killed soundwave and escaped with his life.

2 The Last Knight: Nemesis Prime VS Bumblebee

Optimus Prime was turned evil by Quintessa and became Nemesis Prime. He came to earth to retrieve her staff. After forcefully taking the staff from Cade Yeager at the ship, he attempted to leave but Bumblebee stopped him dead in his tracks. The fight was quite interesting as both sides gave it their all. Optimus managed to subdue Bumblebee and was about to kill him but he snapped out of it just in time. Fans have always known that Bumblebee was a strong fighter, but seeing him go toe to toe against Optimus like that and hold his own for a while reaffirmed the fact that Bumblebee is one heck of a fighter.

1 Dark Of The Moon: Autobots & US Forces Charge At The Decepticons

Dark of the moon hosts a variety of impressive fights, one of which is the fight that claimed Shockwave’s life. After Linux rendezvoused with Epps and his little team they proceeded to ambush the Decepticons from above. They were quick and precise and they managed to score damages on the tough hide of Shockwave. The Autobots came charging in and forced the Decepticons to be on the defensive. While both sides exchanged fire for fire, Optimus swooped in and slaughtered many Decepticons. During the fight, Optimus landed very decisive blows on Shockwave and mercilessly killed him.

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