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Assassin’s Creed is one of the most beloved gaming franchises, and it’s still riding strong with its latest release Assassin’s Creed: ValhallaThough the game has always had a very large fanbase, it has not been able to avoid criticism.

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Most of those criticisms result in some of the most hilarious memes a video game can possibly have. Some of the memes throw some compliments at the game and its players while others rip into Ubisoft’s “game logic” and how they completely butcher common sense. These memes are so funny, they’ll make any AC fan cry laughing.

10 Start The Main Quest Already!

Playing for several hours and not even knowing what the game is all about is very typical for Assassin’s Creed players who always begin with the side quests. The good thing about playing the side quests first is that they offer the player a chance to upgrade their arsenal and wallets for future use. All the experience from side quests comes in real handy during the main quest and makes the game more enjoyable. Players die far fewer times, especially if they died a lot during side quests.

9 Who Needs Stealth Mode?

Is there a staunch Assassin’s Creed fan that hasn’t attempted this? Why bother sneaking in when you could kill them all and be done with it? Sometimes, it’s even easier to lay waste to all the guards than to sneak past them. Sadly, many missions do not permit fighting and insist that the player use their head and figure out a way to get past the guards. Once the player is spotted, it’s all over. Sometimes is refreshing to let your anger out on those annoying guards.

8 Who’s The Bad Guy Now?

This is just another reason to not be a guard because one will most likely fall victim to an assassin. It must be terrible to be up there taking in the scenery and some fresh air, minding your own business, and some bloke comes up behind you and smacks you on the head.

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Though, to be fair, the assassin was doing his job as well. He’s an assassin, and so he assassinated. Therefore, this meme mostly features two people trying to do their job. Let’s just hope that they are getting paid well for such high-risk business.

7 Stealth Mode Activated

It’s funny how common this is in Assassin’s Creed. How do they not notice him, and more importantly, what do they think he is when they do? This funny occurrence is a result of the player’s eagerness to show off their new gear. It’s sad to have an outfit this awesome and not wear it because you have to be discreet. It’s no wonder the guard can’t help but notice the player with a really suspicious fashion sense.

6 How Kind Of Them

One has to wonder if these wanted posters were put up for birds to recognize the assassin. How do the authorities expect a civilian see or report the wanted individual when the wanted posters are pasted high on the buildings. It’s a good thing the assassins are skilled climbers, but the problem is that they aren’t going to turn themselves in. So who exactly was meant to see this wanted poster? The carpenter, maybe?

5 Strategy Is Key

This is always the go-to strategy of the soldiers in Assassin’s Creed. Instead of coming up with an attack that utilizes their superior numbers, they’d rather come to face the assassin one at a time, allowing the assassin to focus his attention on defeating just one opponent before facing the next one.

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But it’s also good to note that just charging in blindly without a plan can prove to be detrimental. That said, the guards surely do a good job of making the game a bit easier for us so that’s nice at least. Let’s hope a Netflix adaption will have more interesting battles.

4 What’s So Bad About Standing On A Roof?

In the world of Assassin’s Creed, anyone who stands on the roof is guilty and must die. One has to wonder how carpenters made a living in those days. Do they get executed after their jobs? Perhaps the assassin was just admiring the scenic view in fancy clothing and a sword. Nevertheless, attacking someone just because they were spotted on the roof makes no sense.

3 It Would Seem That Was The Only Choice

Sometimes it’s easier and more entertaining to fight your way through to the objective. At first, a player may be determined to go into stealth mode in order to sneak past the guards, but after several failed attempts, they usually throw a temper tantrum and go rampaging through the camp or castle. Once it’s established that sneaking in is not a priority for the overall success of the mission, then chaos ensues on the enemy camp.

2 What Unbelievable Strength!

This is just another day at work for Ezio. We understand that assassins are highly skilled in combat, but this one is way too much. How did he not dislocate his arm after such a stunt? Notice that Ezio is holding that ledge with only his fingers. The thing that’s most interesting about the Assassin’s Creed fanbase is that they don’t let these minor oversights get in the way of good storytelling.

1 You Think They’d Have Learned

Is it loyalty or stupidity that drives these soldiers to fight sometimes? Perhaps the story wouldn’t be so interesting if they actually ran away. But in a real life situation, running should be the next order of business if your opponent is too skilled to take on. One would think that common sense should tell the guard to run for his life, but no, they still insist to fight and die. That’s probably their way of showing off honor and valor.

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